The Babyfarer Baby Sunglasses

The Babyfarer Baby Sunglasses

(783 customer reviews)

The Babyfarer Baby Sunglasses

(783 customer reviews)



Award Winning Frame, Terrifically Adorable 


baby solo baby sunglasses

Product Details


Packaged, designed and tested in Miami, FL | BPA free protective polycarbonate frame and lenses.


Soft, comfortable, and adjustable strap | Your baby will love them just as you do!


Our sunglasses were designed by Eye Doctors to ensure they will protect eye health. We use 100% UV protection, anti-scratch lens coating, reducing risk of long term eye damage and disease.

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Focusing on the latest preventive care and products for your baby and toddler.

Baby solo is a place you can trust to only give you the most genuine products and information for your baby. Like many we can feel alone and have questions on how to raise our child and what’s best for them. Baby Solo focus on things can do things now to benefit our child in the future. We take the stress out of finding this information for you and put it all in one spot. Our community of parents are people you can trust, and to give you the best advice on preventive measures for you child.

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0 – 24 months


Baby Shark Frame w/ Red Mirror Lens, Cutie Pink and Hearts w/ Gold Mirror Lens, Lime Green Frame w/ Blue Mirror Lens (The Florida Keys), Matte Aqua Frame w/ Aqua MIrror Lens, Matte Baby Blue Frame w/ Solid Black Lens, Matte Black Frame w/ Blue Mirror, Matte Black Frame w/ Hot Pink Mirror Lens, Matte Black Frame w/ Solid Black Lens, Matte Hot Pink Lens w/ Solid Black Lens, Matte Midnight Blue w/ Solid Black Lens, Matte Pink Frame w/ Rose Gold Mirror Lens, Matte Red w/ Silver Mirror Lens, Matte Violet w/ Silver Mirror Lens, Matte White Frame w/ Solid Black Lens

783 reviews for The Babyfarer Baby Sunglasses

  1. Amazon Customer

    My baby is Sensitive to light especially the bright sun. These are some Excellent baby sun glasses!!

  2. Gloria Smith

    Granddaughter does not want to keep them on, but will still fit her later. They are as presented. They are very nicely made.

  3. student study

    We go through sunglasses pretty quickly…they either get lost or broken. But these sunglasses are wonderful and stay on my 2y.o. really well. I’ve had to tighten the tiny screws a few times, but with kid wear and tare, I’m not surprised. Also, the strap and bright color helps us keep track of the sunglasses on the rare occasions they do get taken off by the child. The price is about right for kid glasses. I don’t want garbage, but I also don’t want to spend too much for child sunglasses.

  4. garysd

    My grandson loves these sunglasses. They have a strap that keeps them secure around his head. He had tried to pull them apart every way, and they are still going strong. So I think it is safe to say they are very durable :). Very popular at our house with out 18 month old grandson!

  5. Kourtney Zilbert

    Glasses fit well, baby is comfortable, and actually stay on using the leash!

  6. Nodachance

    We bought these glasses for our grandson (6 months old) to wear to some races we were attending. These glasses worked wonderfully by allowing him to watch the racing action, all the while keeping the dirt and such out of his eyes. Once they were on him, he did not create a fuss and appeared to be comfortable in them.

  7. london

    These are great baby shades! They have a strap on them to keep them on baby! My son doesn’t always like to have them on but they’re so cute on him and they fit really nicely!

  8. Sailormoon

    These sunglasses are super cute and seem to be well made. Fit my baby girl perfectly. My baby definitely uses them quite often especially during summer. The strap keeps them securely on her face, and she doesn’t mind them at all. I love that they have great eye protection and come with a nice case and cloth to keep them from getting scratched up. Love these baby sunglasses!

  9. Emilie C.

    I’ve been wanting to get my baby a pair of sunglasses for when we’re out in the park or swimming. These Baby Solo’s are wonderful! They are lightweight, adjustable, and just the perfect size for my baby. The straps ensures the sunglasses stay on, and it is adjustable to fit different sized heads and also as they grow. My baby tries to pull them off but the straps kind of keeps it in place. He looks so adorable and cool with these sunglasses on! The only minor thing I wasn’t sure about is whether or not the strap is inside out. I didn’t know if the Baby Solo logo is supposed to be facing outside so someone behind him can see it or if it is supposed to be inside, facing his head? I thought the point of the logo is so other people can see, and not hidden inside, behind the head. It wasn’t an issue or anything, I was just curious and it didn’t affect the quality of this product. We love these!

  10. Breezy Andrews

    These glasses are adorable!! They Fit my 14 month daughter perfectly!! So cute! I love the strap to help keep them in place and to help reduce losing them! I love that they come with a little hard case that allows you to throw them in diaper bag etc.

  11. SKidwell

    These infant sunglasses are great. They look cool, fit on my sons head nicely, and have a little strap to help them stay on if he’s outside running around. Great value!

  12. j_who250

    These are amazing. First, they come in a REALLY nice durable zippered case. I think that’s my favorite part. It keeps them clean and protected from scratches in the diaper bag. The strap is perfect and the frame themselves are amazing. They have structure and yet can bend and twist and not break. These are the best kids’ sunglasses ever!

  13. Gadget Geek

    I love this set of sunglasses — its very cute. My son has gotten quite a few compliments for how cute it is. Besides the looks, I like that it is polarized so as to protect his eyes. The glasses fit well, especially with the adjustable strap! The strap is important as without them, I’m sure he’d throw these glasses away in no time. I would recommend these glasses!

  14. LazyUnicorn

    I love that the elastic band is easy to remove as we like the band for bike rides, but he prefers to put the sunglasses on and off himself day to day. My little guy isn’t big for his age and I was a little worried that they would be too small for him, but they just fit so you’re mileage may vary if your toddler is taller. They are super cute and he loves his “cool guy sunglasses”. They came with a wee little zipper container to store them in and he LOVES having sunglasses like Mom and Dad, they’re also flexible and so far seem very durable. We’re trying to get him used to wearing sunnies now that we live further south and so far these seem to fit much better than the pair he confiscated from his big sister’s baby items.

  15. cindy

    If these aren’t the cutest miniature baby sunglasses than idk what is. These have a strap to help them from falling off. Great for a beach day. For me they are the cutest for pictures. Comes with a carrying case which I like.

  16. Cindy

    Baby Solo Polarized Babyfarer Baby Sunglasses Made by US Optometrists 0-36 Month (Polarized Pink) These glasses are great – Well made – no scratches, polarized, and they come with a nice hard case. My little one is 16 months old and she thinks they are wonderful AND they protect her eyes. They look absolutely adorable on her sweet face! They stay on nicely. In fact, once she puts them on, she gets really upset if you try to take them off! She rates these pink mirror lens sunglasses 5 Stars! Clean easily. Hope you find this review and pictures !

  17. Hazel Rogers

    Baby Solo Polarized Babyfarer Baby Sunglasses Made by US Optometrists 0-36 Month (Polarized Blue Mirror Lens w/Matte Black Frame, 0-36 Months) I ordered these for my 2 year old grandson. I try to have a pair of sunglasses that fit him available for him when he visits. This past visit is the first time he actually wore some and kept them on. I was impressed. These will be a great gift for him to take home to help him remember his time with us. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review, have a FANTASTIC day!!

  18. Erica Schmackers

    Great idea! Helps keeps glasses on to protect babe’s eyes if you plan to be in a sunny environment. Great for boating too!

  19. Travel_Sloth

    These baby glasses are the most adorable glasses I have ever seen. They have a wayfarer style with mirrored pink to green lenses. They have a soft stretchy adjustable strap on the back to hold them securely on your babies head. These are polarized so they offer more protection than standard sunglasses. These are recommended for infants up to 36 months. They also come with a cute case and a cleaning cloth.

  20. Bob Alexander

    It is a little big for my new grand daughter but we really like the case and contents.

  21. kr

    These are great! They actually stay on, and are super cute. Will probably buy another pair. We always get compliments on them.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Baby likes them

  23. Tishdish

    The sunglasses have a great adjustable strap so they stay on my very grabby baby’s head. Very cute, slightly pliable materials used.

  24. Mariana D L

    Great glasses… loght, beautiful and durable.

  25. Kindle Customer

    these stay on and my 5M old loves them!

  26. Marie

    I love that it’s adjustable. However, my baby’s head is still a bit on the smaller side so even if I adjust it to the tightest mode, I have to use a hair tie for it not to move from her face. Honestly, that’s not a big deal. Soon enough I won’t need the hair tie.

  27. Liz JM

    I thought $25 was a little pricey but l ordered it anyways. The material feels of quality and my 20 month old girl loved them. She lost them and l had to order another ones, but l didn’t feel like spending another $25, l went cheaper because in the Pic look exactly the same, but they’re not. The cheaper are actually cheap, the lens is cheap and everything else too. I will have to order these again.

  28. Amanda

    These are more than I would normally spend on a pair of toddler sunglasses, but definitely worth the money! My son leaves them on and looks adorable in them.

  29. camille halliwill

    These are small enough for an infant- my Grandson will look adorable, and because it has straps instead of arms, I think it will be comfortable.

  30. Heidi Parks

    Love the strap. It’s soft and comfortable!

  31. Nikkie

    These are the absolute best infant sunglasses on the planet! My son is 8 months and smaller than most his age and they fit GREAT! Love that it comes with the diff size sttaps so he can continue wearing them as he grows up.

  32. Mathew

    Simple to use for my 16 month daughter!

  33. Mary Wolcoff

    perfect for new naby.

  34. Debra B.

    Love these sun glasses, they fully protect my precious grandbabies eyes and the stretch band is great for keeping them on their head. I am so glad I bought them. Thanks Debbie Beck

  35. Matti Hill

    Baby didn’t like them at first and just wanted to lick them, but now loves wearing them! Seem to protect the eyes, stay in place and look cool too.

  36. Lisa Anne Spring

    They are so cute! The strap maintains placement of the lenses for eye protection. Cute little case with an extra strap as well.

  37. Ariele

    These glasses are so cute and flexible!

  38. French Belle

    Great product, would buy again.

  39. Sigfredo L L

    Perfect fit, comfortable and stylish. My one year old s very pleased. Thank you. The packaging was also good.

  40. Bonnie S.

    Adorable toddler sunglasses! Love the band. I bought them for my 3 month old but the strap was too big, they fit best once he hit 1. Nice quality, bendable, have held up nice!

  41. J


  42. DMS

    Love the case and the extra strap for as he grows out of the infant one!

  43. Matthew Anderson

    so cute on baby! good quality. I got the green one with the blue lenses. the band in the back is adjustable. I used it on my 7 month old — I imagine it will be good for 2 years or so.

  44. Suzie

    They are so cute thank you

  45. Susan Koberg

    The perfect item for a baby gift and so cute. We have to get the kids used to sunglasses to protect against cateracts

  46. Chris

    Fits my daughter perfect and is comfortable for her, and they stay on too!

  47. onerseked

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  48. Erin

    These are fantastic and stay on! Very cute. Started using at 3 months and no end in site. Love them.

  49. C. Woodcox

    They look great and work well. They were a little big for my son at the time but now he is 6 months old and they fit well. Happy with the purchase and customer service.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  51. Sarah

    Slightly large on my son (3 months), but he will grow into them. He looks so cute in them!

  52. BC

    They worked great and are adorable on

  53. Carrie

    I absolutely love these glasses for our little man! They’re durable and the band is stretchy and adjustable. They’re a little big right now (he’s only 4 months old), but they still stay on his face pretty well! Highly recommend!

  54. Jen

    Love! Fit baby perfect! Nice bend and awesome packaging!! Very happy!

  55. kg

    9 month old does not mind wearing them and looks so cute!

  56. Mike Bare

    We get so many compliments on these and they’ve held up super well over months of use!

  57. Sasha Medina

    Love these! They are comfortable and love the band on the back. My daughter wears them with no fuss and keeps them on.

  58. Glisson

    Ok honestly usually I don’t even spend $20 on my own sunglasses ha so these seemed pretty pricey for a baby but they are amazing! Super cute and have a strap to keep them on the babies face! They are good quality and just the cutest tiniest things! The colors are very vivid and beautiful too!

  59. Lindsay Speaks

    These would be great if my baby would leave them on!

  60. Zack Wiant

    Absolutely amazing prodect fits perfectly on our 3 month old daughter. The strap is adjustable to keep them on their tiny head which helps out alot while putting them on and taking them off. We weren’t sure if she would actually wear them but she loves them. With the lenses changing the color of everything she sees, our daughter is very happy to look around in them:)

  61. Stephanie

    My blue eyed baby appreciates the cool glasses!

  62. Zach Ervin

    Cute and fit well.

  63. JG

    My baby will actually wear these! We bought these for the beach and boat, they are great because they stay one and our 9 month old will wear these for a good while!

  64. Bethani Montgomery

    Say it fits young babies, but a little to big. But cant wait to use them when my littles head grows a bit more!

  65. Stephanie G

    They are adorable

  66. Katie Foster

    Super durable, soft and comfy. My 7 month old wears them every day

  67. Pam

    Bought these for my nephew for his 1 year birthday and he and his mama love them! She asked me if they make them in the next size she loves them so much.

  68. Ximena

    Love it I will definitely will buy a second pair for my baby

  69. Sarah

    Perfect for my 2month old who doesn’t like the sun!!! Can’t wait for him to use them!!!

  70. pcshai

    Bought for our minion, looks great on her when she wears it. Bought the blue version two years ago and the other minion wore it whenever we went out. Really recommend it. The band is soft and adjusts well.

  71. Aimee

    Love them, still fit a lil loose maybe because my six month old head is small but they still stay on . Recommend for sure

  72. Jennifer McCandless

    Love these! My little one looks so cute and he gets lots of compliments. They started to fit him when he was about 4 months (before then, they were a bit too big for his little head).

  73. Animaluver

    Love them. Purchased in black for my son when he was about 2-3 months old. My son is now 14 months old and has a big head, therefore, we had to start using the larger strap. The strap fits great around my son’s head and durable. My son has dropped them a couple of times and so far no issues. Easy to clean when needed and the case works great. No complaint. I feel it’s worth the money.

  74. Casandra

    Good sunglasses for baby

  75. Megan

    They fit my 3 month old perfectly. I recommend these. Definitely have good protection against the sun. I held them up and looked for myself.

  76. JKD

    Absolutely adorable on my 8 month old nephew! Fits great and the straps can adjust as they grow some.

  77. Brianne Brynelson

    I really like these sun glasses. My baby is a little over 6 months and they fit pretty well…a little loose but they stay on her! She seems to like them too because she does not pull them off.

  78. Natasha Kaltenbach

    These sunglasses are the cutest ever! They fit my 6 month old daughter perfectly and the strap is comfortable for her!

  79. Kay

    Good qualify, comfy-not too snug, cutest glasses ever.

  80. Amazon Customer

    She loves wearing them! We used to have issues with meltdowns whenever the sun would be in her eyes, and now she is totally calm even when the angle of the car puts the sun right in her eyes.

  81. Christina

    Fit my 4 month old perfectly!

  82. H_Crowell

    These are SO cute & SO great! They fit my 5MO daughter perfectly. The strap is still too large for her head, but the glasses stay on themselves. I use a headband to keep them from sliding down.

  83. Dentalnut62

    As described and fast shipping

  84. Kusi Camperlino

    I bought these for my 1 year old and they fit perfectly! Love how they seem very study despite him trying to bend them and eat them!

  85. Hannah Judge

    Super cute! Bought for my 7 month old. They are too big right now for his little head but I know he’ll grow into them

  86. Amazon Customer

    Got these for my son he loves them

  87. Racedogg

    Super cute. Fit my 2 month old baby well.

  88. Laura

    The material is flexible so they are comfortable for baby. They are so cute! Baby is 3 months and they are a little big but usable. They will be perfect in a month or two

  89. Shotzie

    Five stars should say or all!

  90. Maud Horion

    Perfect fit! My 15 month old loves them

  91. sarah

    Hooray! These sunnies are ADORABLE. And my son will leave them on for the afternoon without (too much) fuss. The 0-24 month size fit his 9 month face perfect and he’ll definitely be able to wear for the next 6+ months at least. The arms are flexible and comfortable. And the strap on the back is adjustable and removable. Customer service was also A+. Thanks for the super cute sunnies, Baby Solo!

  92. Jason Hinson


  93. Ashley

    I love the quality of the product and how it came in a cute but sturdy case.

  94. Jennifer Kristen Bachman

    Great sunglasses! They are a bit big for my 3 1/2 month old but she will grow into them. I love the strap to keep them on.

  95. kelly

    Love em!

  96. Rahman

    These are so cute! My 4 mo old with a big head can wear these comfortably on the smallest size. They look great and protected his eyes at the beach!

  97. Monument

    Bought these for my 1 year old granddaughter. They are very cute and she even left them on while she was in her stroller. They are adjustable and the temples are flexible.

  98. MariahNikole

    Fit great

  99. Dex M

    Fit perfectly. The only suggestion I have would be replacing the screws in the frame of the glasses with pressure fittings so if they are broken they can be easily replaced.

  100. Alexa

    Great sunglasses for a baby.

  101. Bookworm

    Love these sunglasses! The lenses are not too dark but still protect from the sun. As a bonus, there is a case so you can toss these into a diaper bag without worrying about breaking them.

  102. alannajoy10

    These sunglasses are so adorable! I like how adjustable they are so my baby will be able to grow into them.

  103. Karl

    We think there great.

  104. sirjaems

    Perfect for the kid, but I can’t seem to get him to leave then on his head… not the fault od the product though.

  105. Person of Interest

    Sent these to my 6-month grandson. His parents love them and say they get lots of requests where to buy

  106. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  107. Weston P.

    They work great! My son doesn’t try taking them off

  108. Mandi Mitchell

    Love these little glasses and so does my baby

  109. wunschlos

    We really like them on our kid. They are a little on the big side for our 2 month old. They are good quality and looks very cool.

  110. E.

    They fit well and stay on and look great

  111. Karisa

    No one thought these would stay on my 4.5 month old but they did!

  112. Olivia Clark

    These literally got run-over by a truck. Not a scratch on them.

  113. Mander84

    Very cute. Hope he keeps them on lol

  114. Lisa

    Adorable little glasses with an adorable little case for protection

  115. Supmanda

    These are adorable on my baby and she likes wearing them __

  116. Anthony Bilcic

    Great sun glasses for my little guy.

  117. Kindle Customer

    Love these. Look so cute on my son. A small bit big for him as he is only 4 months

  118. Shirley G.

    My future grandson will look gorgeous in these

  119. TB90

    Fits well and my grandbaby likes them! He really looked around a lot more while outside.

  120. Brenda

    Love these. Decent quality, they’re somewhat flexible so they fit on your baby’s head, and they fall on the bridge of the nose in a comfortable way. My little guy doesn’t like things on his face/ head and doesn’t seem to mind these. And I mean, c’mon, they’re baby wayfarers, how cute is that

  121. Consumer

    These sunglasses are perfect!! My son won’t leave regular sunglasses on but he doesn’t mind having these on. They fit great!

  122. Shelia

    The fit and color are just as described, we love them on our daughter

  123. Julie

    Perfect for my nephew! Love them

  124. Gina

    I like they fit my grandbaby’s face

  125. Emili

    We love these glasses. Fits our 6month old perfect. Easy to adjust and they stay put.

  126. Amy

    Super cute and flexible so they don’t break. I like that they will grow with my baby as well.

  127. Giselle

    Bought these for my 6 month old and they fit her perfectly! The frames are the perfect size for her little face and they don’t slide off the way some other brands do. I also love the strap to keep them on her head, and they came with an awesome little hard shell case, too. Very happy with these. Especially at such a great price.

  128. Customer

    Baby solo never disappoints. I’ve ordered several sunglasses and this new style is amazing. It fits my granddaughter perfect and the quality is really good. The frame color is so cute and can’t wait to order some other colors. Baby Solo you have a very very satisfied customer.

  129. Ela

    Very cute and appear to be comfortable for my little one.

  130. Elsie

    I was afraid that my little baby will afraid it but he likes this sunglasses. There is an elastic so you can make a proper size.

  131. Debra

    Super cute! Flexible material for comfort. Just a little big for my 3 mo old granddaughter. Wish the strap would adjust a little smaller.

  132. Nikolett

    Very cute, tiny sunglasses for my little one. He is 4 months old, and it already fits him (sort of)

  133. Frances

    Works perfect for my little guy!! Very flexible!!

  134. Cat

    A little bit big for my daughter when I first bought them at 3 months but now that she is almost 8 months they fit perfect!

  135. Glen

    These have straps that allow them to fit on my little girl. And she can continue to wear them over the years because of the adjustable strap.

  136. DS

    These are so so cute on my 3 month old! I love how the material isn’t a hard plastic. Highly recommend!

  137. Rita

    Loved the product well made and my baby not only looks cool in them but her eyes are protected from UV rays! Great purchase.

  138. Fit

    These are so cute! Fit my 7 month old perfectly. The strap is removable. My son even likes wearing them.

  139. Jean M.

    Good quality. Great fit! Nice case included. Going to buy different colors!

  140. Teddybear

    Love love them!

  141. Teresa

    So cute and comfortable. My 1 yr. old grandson loves wearing them.

  142. Mylove

    These wouldn’t work if my kid wasn’t so awesome and tolerated them so well!

  143. Marge

    I love the way these fit and the soft strap that hold them in place

  144. Keitha

    Perfect fit for small baby or toddler.

  145. Dean

    These are really cute and fit my 12 week old well. I’m not sure she’s going to keep them on, but they are adorable! They also come in a handy carrying case, which is a bonus.

  146. Nic

    These are great. Exactly as described. If only my LO would consent to wearing them….lol

  147. Tak

    Nice , perfect fit for my son who is 4 months old

  148. Terry A Stowe

    I thought they were well-made for babies nothing to get hurt on bendable a nice strap to keep them on. Excellent sunglasses for babies and help to protect their eyes.

  149. AlyCat

    These are great. Exactly as described. If only my LO would consent to wearing them….lol

  150. Tracy B

    Perfect fit for small baby or toddler.

  151. Kitty Barker

    I love the way these fit and the soft strap that hold them in place

  152. KG

    These wouldn’t work if my kid wasn’t so awesome and tolerated them so well!

  153. Meg

    Fantastic baby sunglasses and love the holder to keep them safe.

  154. Amazon Customer

    So cute!

  155. Leslie Hardewig

    So cute and comfortable. My 1 yr. old grandson loves wearing them.

  156. Sabrina B Mathis

    Love love them!

  157. MAB

    Good quality. Great fit! Nice case included. Going to buy different colors!

  158. Lovingessentialliving

    These are so cute! Fit my 7 month old perfectly. The strap is removable. My son even likes wearing them.

  159. Bert osborne

    Grandson loves them

  160. Navy D.

    Loved the product well made and my baby not only looks cool in them but her eyes are protected from UV rays! Great purchase.

  161. Karen Gilbert

    Easy to put on

  162. Breanna Withrow

    These have straps that allow them to fit on my little girl. And she can continue to wear them over the years because of the adjustable strap.

  163. JAMminMyers

    What a cool pair of sunglasses. I like that they are adjustable and flexible, cause we all know babies are not easy on things. They look so cute on to! Now on to how to get my toddler to keep them on!!

  164. Ryan J

    Great fit

  165. Joshua

    A little bit big for my daughter when I first bought them at 3 months but now that she is almost 8 months they fit perfect!

  166. Francesca Gentile

    Works perfect for my little guy!! Very flexible!!

  167. Denae

    I purchased these for my 3 month old at the time and when I put them on, he was able to see just fine while it was sunny. I have older kids and they play soccer so we are always outside. The darkness of the glasses was wonderful for him. I also love that they had two straps that came with them and the case so they wouldn’t end up broken.

  168. ColG

    Very cute, tiny sunglasses for my little one. He is 4 months old, and it already fits him (sort of)

  169. MB

    I honestly wasn’t sure how these would work for my two month old, but the adjustable strap makes it so they sit on his little face nicely and they are adorable to boot. Super excited to have him sporting them on vacation.

  170. Erica Mulder

    Super cute! Flexible material for comfort. Just a little big for my 3 mo old granddaughter. Wish the strap would adjust a little smaller.

  171. Amazon Customer

    I was afraid that my little baby will afraid it but he likes this sunglasses. There is an elastic so you can make a proper size.

  172. Meghan

    Great sunglasses for my 6 month old. I figure these will last him well into next summer.

  173. Noelia

    Me encantan

  174. Tami

    Adorable, useful, tough. Worth buying

  175. Jazmin Velazquez

    Very cute shades. I bought them when my infant was 3 months & they fit loose. Now she is 5 months & they fit great!

  176. Amazon Customer

    These were great. Very durable.

  177. TR

    Works really well for my 7 month old grandson. He doesn’t mind wearing them at all.

  178. S. Largent


  179. Deborah Gingrich

    Great for an infant with light colored eyes. Eye protection is a must!

  180. Riley Barber

    So adorable! Strap is a little big for my 2 month old, but will fit soon. Adjustable for lots of wear as he grows.

  181. Lindsay B Fischer

    Best toddler sunglasses- we have tried several types of sunglasses for our 2.5 year old & these are the best. Sturdy, comfortable & they stay on. The band adjusts so they can be used for several years by adjusting the straps. Excellent value!

  182. E

    Love the adjustable strap

  183. MrsHReadsALot

    These are ridiculously cute. The arms fit his little head perfectly and the adjustable band helps keep it from falling off. These are too cute!!! Love them! Lens is pretty dark as well. Had to look closely to tell if he was asleep or not lol.

  184. Chris Jarman

    Look awesome. Nice fit and adjustable for growth.

  185. blac12

    These are so cute and my 3 month old actually loves wearing them! He is very fair and isn’t a big fan of the sun, but with these on he will hang outside with us much longer. He also looks super cool.

  186. Christinahenderson26

    So incredibly cute,complete protection from the sun,comes with two straps for infant & toddler.Made with soft stretchy elastic so their very comfortable, no red marks and no fussiness about wearing them.

  187. Rose Baltazar

    My grandbaby lives in Arizona. Grandma sent him some sunglasses

  188. Lajune

    I ordered them for my grandbaby and her parents LOVE them.

  189. Liliya Laughlin

    Good product

  190. Paul

    Really good quality and fits my 2 month old baby!

  191. Jeremy Lewis

    So stylish and fits our babies head and he is 7weeks with smaller head! They adjust easily and comes with smaller and larger straps and very cute carry case.

  192. Jessica Budney

    So cute!!!! They fit my 7 month old perfect

  193. sfeight

    Perfect for my 5 month old. Strap holds them on well.

  194. Amazon Customer

    Loved this product!!!! Worth the money!

  195. Pat ricia Lewis


  196. Timothy L. Coyle

    daughter enjoys it

  197. Chao

    Looks good but bigger for our 5 weeks baby.

  198. Sarah VanderWeele

    Love these sunglasses. They came in a little case and my baby never tries to take them off.

  199. Pamela S. Krell

    The glasses are adorable and very well made. They are a little too big for my 2 month son but he will grow into them. I love that the straps are adjustable and you can remove them when your child is older. They are very nice!!!

  200. Amazon Customer

    Just what I needed, perfect size for my 6 month old and room to grow with the adjustable strap. 10/10 would purchase again

  201. Gwen A. Stutzman

    Stayed on great !

  202. DomiMex

    My baby is the coolest kid on the block.

  203. Chad

    Looks a little silly, but better safe than sorry.

  204. T. Hellem

    Love these just which my 1 year old would keep them on

  205. Jessica Dareing

    So cute. Well made and I love that they flex.

  206. Emily Schwartz

    These sun glasses are excellent! They are very soft and seem to be comfortable. The band helps to keep them in place. My little guy (3 months) doesn’t mind wearing them at all. The color really pops and he looks so cute in them. They truly help on stroller rides etc.

  207. Victoria Michael Gibson

    Love. Great fit for my little guy!

  208. Mrs.ABs

    I just love them. Hard for baby to lose.

  209. Sheila

    My baby loved these. It took a long time to be shipped but we finally got them.

  210. Amber Kaddour

    Easy to put on baby, Doesn’t hurt his face. Doesn’t leave any marks. Covers his entire eye area. Love the travel case and that it doesn’t have ear pieces. Makes it much easier and more comfortable for infant. We used these on the beach and when we go for walks. Seem very durable considering how mobile we’ve had to be with them.

  211. Sharon M

    My Abi looks so cute!

  212. Peter

    The best thing ever. This is the first pair of glasses my nephew did not want to take off easy to put on and great looking. Secure fit and amazing built.

  213. Laura Flegel

    Great value for low price

  214. ZM4

    Really nice quality frames and case, and they fit my 7 month old really well.

  215. David E. Kluttz

    Comfortable fit and excellent eye protection

  216. BabyDe

    My 20 months old girl looks adorable with these sunglasses. She likes them and will not take them off. These fit great, will fit for a long time. 29 months now, the lenses popped out and I popped them back in place without problem. She treats them terrible and they are still great.

  217. Amazon Customer

    They fit well. Are soft and stylish __ Also works great on smal poodels __

  218. robert a leo

    Super cute and protective. Good quality

  219. Silnight

    Perfect fit! My little 4 month old baby looks super cute.

  220. danijoymc

    So stinking cute! My son keeps them on too!

  221. Jennifer S Kojro-Badziak


  222. “agamemnon31”

    Excellent quality

  223. Doc G

    Works well on a two year-old boy

  224. Alexandria Dove

    Perfect size for my 2 month old with a cute little case and adjustable headband! Love them!

  225. Lindsay

    Is as advertised

  226. Amazon Customer

    They were a little big for a while but my girls were premie but they work great now.

  227. vardhini

    Love these. They are perfect for my 3 month old. I can adjust the size as he grows n I love the case as well.

  228. Amazon Customer

    Quality made, fit great

  229. Amazon Customer


  230. maria

    Great size for our monster headed baby. She loves them so much that she often asks us to put them on her, “Glass? Glass?”

  231. Amazon Customer

    These are so cute on my little boy! They fit him great, and he loves to wear them!! The band on the back is a plus.

  232. freebird5500

    Loved them so much bought two pairs!!

  233. Amazon Customer

    Baby wont wear them, but good quality.

  234. Tammy

    The sides are soft but supportive so not that hard plastic like most kid sunglasses. Plus super cute

  235. sandi burden

    Live them the strap didnt get small enough but luckily he didnt mind wearing them

  236. Brad Jackson

    Great shades for the baby!

  237. steve herzog

    Thank You..

  238. Kathy Bailey

    The baby looked so cute in them. They fit well around his little head.

  239. Anthony A Riviere

    Amazing for my 5 month old. We are in the sun a ton and want to protect his eyes as much as possible. He keeps these one easily with the smallest strap!

  240. Amy

    My two and a half year old with a huge head can still wear these. His eyes get sunburned any time he goes out so these are wonderful! They are the best I have found

  241. Andrew Olman

    Looks great and my little one seems to enjoy wearing them.

  242. Samantha Hardy

    Fits perfect. Great quality

  243. hhall

    Fits great on my almost 6 month old and very durable worth the money

  244. Bee Mac

    They make any baby even cuter! They are sure to attract a crowd because they are the cutest thing! We bought them when my little dude was 4 months old. They were a tiny bit loose, even with the smallest strap made to the smallest setting. He wore them without ever touching them until this week and he just turned 6 months.

  245. Jan Padavic

    Fit great. Seem a little flimsy, but they do the job.

  246. Amazon Customer

    These are great although not something you could just put on for a car ride, because they easily move and sometimes smoosh up against her eyes.

  247. ns

    They are so cute and come with an awesome case. The band isn’t as tight for a young baby but he will be able to grow into them.

  248. slklutz

    These are the best fitting glasses for 5- 6 months and up. Better than any because they adjust and stay on!

  249. Hannah

    My 4 month old loves them

  250. t.berg875

    Bought these for my son who is 2 months old. He doesn’t mind wearing them and the strap makes it easy to keep on his face. His head is in the higher percentile range and these sunglasses fit him.

  251. JE03

    Absolutely loved these. My baby is 3 months old and we took him to mount rushmore. Like most babies hes not a fan of the sun so I thought I should get him some sunglasses. I’ve never had so many strangers come up to me with so many compliments and about every 3rd person we went by would say to someone in their group “did you see that babies sunglasses?”. They were a huge hit!! And tho he cant tell me, I think he liked them too. He left them alone and he was able to open his eyes and look at things.

  252. J. Navarro

    They tend to slip. But fit better than any other glasses.

  253. Brenda McConnell

    Great idea but wont leave on

  254. susan

    Great for my grandson

  255. peacester22

    Great for babies! I love the adjustable strap!

  256. Debra Knapik

    wonderful product and came in on time

  257. Kelli A. White

    These look really cute on my newborn daughter. They are still a little large but stayed on when I took off the strap and tucked them under a headwrap. I’m okay with this because they give her room to grow and will last longer. I also like that the material is flexible.

  258. Danimarie

    They fit my daughter well! They are a bit big for her but the adjustable strap was .

  259. Natosha E.

    We love these sunglasses on our little man! They fit well and are very good quality

  260. Jessica Bechtel

    Work great for little ones!

  261. Whitney

    These fit well on my 4 month old baby! The adjustable straps help keep them on, though even the smallest size straps are still a little loose.

  262. Moeller

    Love these! They are perfect for my son.

  263. Annahita

    We love it! Easy to out on baby and ultra soft.

  264. Amazon Customer

    Good glasses for babies! Our 6 mo old keeps them on pretty well since they have the strap.

  265. Jules

    Bought these for our grandson for their family beach vacation. He loves them and looks so adorable with them in. I know it has helped as they don’t have to keep checking his glasses because they stay in place. He doesn’t even bother with them.

  266. Elizabeth Caslow

    Liked that it came with 2 different size straps

  267. Amazon Customer

    Our toddler needed some sturdy eye protection. These do not disappoint. Love the case they come in and the color is great. They are comfortable and seem to help her so much in the sunshine

  268. Allison Spiesz

    I really like how dark these are for my kid, I worry about direct sun and my kid was able to get used to these

  269. Brittany Allen

    Super cute. Love the adjustable strap. Carrying case was nice bonus.

  270. Jennie W

    Daughter is 7 they are a little tight on her. Wanted to have a pair that wraps around for when we go canoeing or someplace out in the sunshine all day.

  271. nconspikus

    We’ve been searching for sunglasses for our little one. but none seem to fit well enough so I figured maybe a goggle-style might work best and I was right. They provide great coverage and protection from the sun and the adjustable strap provides a comfortable fit.

  272. Sonya

    First pair had a few scratches on lenses but second pair was perfect. Exchanging was fast and easy. These are adorable. My daughter is 1 years old and they Fit well.

  273. Rose

    Fit well

  274. Lindsay

    I love these! They are so cute on my little man! Fit just right and totally complete the look

  275. Dani Colvin

    So far I’ve only used them once. was a little hard to get on her head, but that’s because she isn’t sitting herself yet. Much easier if someone else is holding her though. really cute on her though

  276. halle

    We love these glasses! They fit our 5 month old perfectly. Great color! Very sturdy and good quality hard shell case that comes with it. I love how it came with 2 straps for adjusting sizes as she grows. Highly recommend 🙂

  277. Amazon Customer

    It’s great! I used this a lot with by baby and it was great

  278. D. Klein

    These are very well made and a good investment to protect babies eyes. I love that they have their own case.

  279. fraiser

    what does a three month old and a year old love about sunglasses..? the cool vibe their sisters emulate when wearing theirs…and now the little guys are just as cool…NOT to downplay the importance of protecting their eyes. these glasses have two size straps to best fit…and a nice carry case to throw them into the diaper bag without breaking. nice product

  280. LyndiOakley

    These are adorable! A little big, but my baby has a tiny nose. They’ll fit soon enough.

  281. Lisa Young


  282. Amethyst Morgain

    The glasses work very good. Our little grandson has very pale blue eyes and the sun really bothers him. He likes to have his sunglasses on outside. The soft straps don’t seem to make him sweat nor do the lenses fog. Recomend for all babies.

  283. Buybuy81

    My boy just turned 4 a couple weeks ago. He used these for the 1st time during outdoor soccer. He ran and played in them like 45 min, glasses never fell off, he never once touched them and he did not show signs that they bothered him. I was worried they were going to be too small but they fit great. I asked him if they were comfortable and he said yes. Hopefully he keeps wearing them for sun protection. I did not see any signs of discomfort on his nose.

  284. lovesamazon

    I bought these sunglasses for my 6 month old. They are so easy to put on and adjust. He doesn’t mind wearing them at all!

  285. Helen J

    Love that they didn’t have the arms on the frames it’s just a strap. They stay on well

  286. KristenG

    I think they are great.

  287. Amazon Customer

    product WAS AS DESCRIBED

  288. Amazon Customer

    OMG, I love these glasses so many compliments plus my 5 month old loves them and keeps them on

  289. Amazon Customer

    Love these! Ordered in the pink color. Ridiculously cute.

  290. Calen

    Love the sunglasses! Fit my 6 month old perfect and came in a cute, practical case!! Perfect for the diaper bag! I just loved what I got!! Will be a repeat customer.

  291. kristie

    ______________ love these completely ____________

  292. Laura

    The are so cute, very adjustable and the fit is great. We feel good that we can protect our daughters eyes on bright and sunny days with these. She doesn’t bother them because they’re comfortable. Very satisfied.

  293. pcampbell

    It’s a little big bodies only 3 months old. But I love them. Sunglasses grow with him.

  294. Amazon customer

    Very happy with my item and delivery they are very cute

  295. RUB3N

    Perfect size. Couldn’t resist to try them and adjust them to my baby’s head. They even came earlier than expected.

  296. lucky_pez

    Can’t keep sunglasses on my kid to save my life, but these are very durable and well designed.

  297. Skexys

    Love these sunglasses. Looks like a mini adult pair. My kid can hold them and twist them. Hasn’t broke yet. Fits perfectly on my 1.5 year old.

  298. suzanne todd

    I like they fit my grandbaby’s face

  299. Mr. & Mrs. Brantley

    Ordered the white pair – a little loose on my almost 2 month old but will fit perfectly for the beach in a few months. Very pleased, even came with a hard case for travel.

  300. Kayla Anderson

    These cute glasses worked great for my toddler on our Caribbean vacation. They stayed on her face without causing her discomfort and they are sturdy enough for her to handle them without breaking. They came with an extra adjustable strap that is nice if we loose one and the neat case they come in is easy to store and fun to hold for a toddler.

  301. Star Lord

    You need this

  302. Ina-Bianca

    Great sunglasses. I love the adjustable strap and it stays nicely in place. I would definitely recommend them. Also, the case is a nice add on. I bought them when my son was 6months old. We live in Bermuda and wear sunglasses for most of the year. He pulled them off his head last year. He wasn’t ready yet but is now. He sees us wearing sunglasses all the time and I let him use my crappy ones when his pair are not with us. We practiced how he has to put them on in the previous weeks& he kept them on longer and longer. I wanted to make sure that he is ready to keep them on by the summer time. His nursery has a big outdoor area and he likes to be outside for most of the day. He thinks he is very cool with them on. Today, he wore them all day with his hat while being outside. The case and glasses stay in his nursery bag. I will get another pair for the grandparents to have.

  303. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for my nephew! Love them

  304. Bananalie

    The fit and color are just as described, we love them on our daughter

  305. James Doherty

    Adjustable and was able to fit my 3 month old.

  306. daniquca

    They fit my 3 month old perfect! They seem to be comfortable because she wears them without complaining. And she looks absolutely hilarious wearing them! lol

  307. Rosemarie

    Highly recommend

  308. Michael A Smimmo

    We bought these for my son about 5 years ago. Then we used them for my 4 year old, who is not gentle on anything, and these have lasted through the abuse! He loves them and like to wear then ALL the time. I am now going to buy another pair so the 3rd child has a pair. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive pair that will last through many years.

  309. Lemmy&B

    These sunglasses are perfect!! My son won’t leave regular sunglasses on but he doesn’t mind having these on. They fit great!

  310. J &K Hopkins

    Love these. Decent quality, they’re somewhat flexible so they fit on your baby’s head, and they fall on the bridge of the nose in a comfortable way. My little guy doesn’t like things on his face/ head and doesn’t seem to mind these. And I mean, c’mon, they’re baby wayfarers, how cute is that?

  311. Matt

    We love these glasses. Fits our 6month old perfect. Easy to adjust and they stay put.

  312. Krista

    My little one loves these glasses and actually wears them!

  313. soniak

    My 9 month old wore these on sunny days and the straps in the back help keep them on her head.

  314. K. Brady

    I bought these for my one year old to wear outside in the snow. I have been very impressed with how comfortable they seem to be for him. They are easy to get on him, and he actually leaves them alone once they’re on.

  315. Chase

    Super cute! Ordered the matte pink with the rose polarized lenses (they are more rainbow colored lenses). She has a super tiny nose but the sunglasses stay on fairly well. They also came with a case. 10/10 would order again!

  316. Medeya

    Bought these for my 3 month old and they fit perfectly, the strap is adjustable so I can fit them over a hat or a hood if I have to. She doesnt mind them at all and they are super cute on. Will be buying more!

  317. Yaya

    For my grandson to protect those lil eyes!!!!…. parents loved it!!!

  318. Amazon Customer

    I highly recommend these for the beach! They are so because they stay on so well and help protect from the sand and salt water a bit. Love them!

  319. gizmo88

    Stay on well, very cute. Nice that they are polarized. Great carrying case.

  320. Joyce Keaster

    So cute on and well made!

  321. Katie G

    I thought they were going to be too big for my 3 month old, but I still got them because they are too cute not to. Lol I was so happy when I tried them on my baby. They are just perfect.

  322. Tasha

    The strap in the back is a little big but they are adorable and come in a nice case to protect them. My daughter seems to love them!

  323. Amazon Customer

    Very very cute! Looks identical to the picture and my son will grow into them!

  324. Amanda D.

    Very nice quality. Durable. Fit our 5 month old

  325. Bonnie

    Liked it

  326. Carly

    Great glasses. Fit well And are so cute

  327. Cachet

    Love it

  328. JLM

    We love these! They fit my 2 year old great and he loves wearing them. Seem very comfortable.

  329. penny heimel

    Great product

  330. Gary Lane

    Perfect, just as shown !

  331. Melek

    We love it

  332. juanitabutler2

    Very cute. Very nice material made well

  333. Erin Briley

    These are so cute on my 14 month old! And I love that the strap helps keep them on her head.

  334. Shopper

    Very cute and good quality. These fit my 5 month old perfectly. She could care less about wearing them so they must be comfortable! These came with 2 different sized bands which is great for the future!

  335. A.Stephens

    Great for 1 yr old grandson when we went to Bahamas

  336. Florida Nole

    So cute. Strap a little long for an under 1 yr old but kept them ftom being thrown or dropped.

  337. Elizabeth Trammell

    Love these baby sunglasses!!! They fit perfectly thanks to the adjustable strap and stay on well. Plus, they are super cute!

  338. Alison

    Fit great. Looked exactly as pictured. My child has a giant head and even the small ones still fit him.

  339. LittleBo


  340. VS

    These were such cute little sunglasses. The band was amazing since it would keep my little one from pulling them off. But I returned them mainly because my little one has blue eyes and we live at the beach and I was wanting polarized glasses. But they were still so amazing which is why i gave them 5 stars.

  341. rabia kurek williams

    Very good

  342. Kara Mossberger

    Love these sunglasses for my son. They fit great, he leaves them alone and they sit on his face very nice. The straps make it easy to put them on & take off.

  343. Sarah Dent

    Great product but have not been able to use due to not being able to fit my daughters head. Can only adjust so much to make them smaller. My daughter loves them and she is so cute when I hold them on her face!!

  344. Zayla

    These sunglasses are super cute and after I got them on my two month old she loved them and she was mad at me when I look them off! We are so excited for our trip now!

  345. sarah l woodall

    Sunglasses are functional as well as looking adorable on infant twin brother and sister.

  346. Lacey

    Adorable and a perfect fit for my 7 week old. The case is a nice touch!

  347. Epollak

    Fits her well and stays on. Though does leave a mark on her face afterwards, but I am sure most glasses will do that. My priority is really to shield her eyes from the sun and it does the job well by staying in position on a baby that wiggles non-stop.

  348. Michelle

    fits great and has size options

  349. MeaganMaria

    It’s hard to get toddlers to keep glasses on, but these were great. Fully adjustable and fit snuggly with out being too tight. Cute!

  350. Ashley

    Very cute and appear to be comfortable for my little one.

  351. Lee Carter

    I really like these for my grandson. I wish the lenses were not so dark.

  352. Amazon Customer

    Baby solo never disappoints. I’ve ordered several sunglasses and this new style is amazing. It fits my granddaughter perfect and the quality is really good. The frame color is so cute and can’t wait to order some other colors. Baby Solo you have a very very satisfied customer.

  353. Carol Brodnax

    Our 8-months old grandson looks great wearing the glasses and the quality is excellent along with a reasonable price tag.

  354. Kely-

    My 7-month old LOVES his Tuga Baby Sunglasses…which means mommy and daddy love them too. He didn’t want to keep them on the first time we tried them, but I put them in his hands so he could play and investigate them…and of course put them in his mouth as all 7-months do with EVERYTHING. After letting him play with them, we put them on his face again and he’s been wearing them everyday ever since. Love the eye protection for our little guy. And, maybe I am bias, but I think he looks pretty darn cute. 🙂

  355. Nancy

    The first time input them on, my son didn’t like them. However by the second time he loved them and we had them on the entire trip. Would definitely order again!

  356. Karen Lash

    nice that they have 2 different sizes of straps to allow for longer usage. Great case too.

  357. SJ Wolford

    These are so adorable and my baby didn’t mind wearing them at all! (I got them when she was around 4months old) the carrying case and extra straps are super convenient! Great value.

  358. Amazon Customer

    She actually wears them!!

  359. Amazon Customer

    These are the best baby can’t pull off. With adjustable strap it great for when baby gets older. Love them.

  360. SCVeal

    These work perfect. They have a Velcro closure and comes with 2 size straps. We are using it on our 8 month old grandson and he has plenty of room to grow with these

  361. Cynthalia

    My daughter loved them

  362. Monique

    These sunglasses are so cute! I bought them as a gift for a pregnant coworker, and she thought they were the cutest thing. This does come with two head bands.

  363. Amazon Customer

    Fits perfect. Doesn’t leave any marks around her eyes.

  364. 5 girls

    Purchased for my one year granddaughter- perfect fit because it has adjustable band.Great color too!

  365. Mary P.

    I love them, my baby hasn’t adjusted to them. Being on his face though

  366. RHonda

    The adjustable straps are perfect and fit comfortable for your little one outside

  367. Bobby Jo Mann

    Absolutely LOVE these. The case and the extra strap that comes with it are awesome. Love that they are adjustable to suit my grandsons head. Super cute and will be getting a 2nd pair in another color. Wish they were sold in red but they have some other super cute fun colors.

  368. Joan

    These are so cute but more important functional. I bought them for a baby boy who has to have eye exams every 3-4 weeks. Afterwards the light bothers him. These sunglasses help make him more comfy and the strap keeps them in place. Great product for all kids.

  369. Amazon Customer

    These were bought for a gift fit as specified. I previously bought the blue one for my grandson.

  370. Jacqueline Pike

    Case and glasses are top quality. Came in a great package. Sunglasses ideal for young ones.

  371. christian yops

    Good quality, fit our son good and it’s nice having a case so they don’t get scratched up

  372. MW

    Great sunglasses! Love having the baby & toddler straps. Strangers keep stopping us to ask where we got them…

  373. christina nelson

    These are perfect for my 7 month old and will grow with her. Win!!!

  374. Kokko

    Perfect just what it is advertised as, shipped and received timely

  375. Paul Scaff

    Unbelievable! Really cute so I hope they work… Nice fit for the baby with the small strap

  376. Peg D. Krainc

    Love that two different sized straps were included. The smaller strap fits my 5 month old grandson’s head perfectly. They must be comfortable because he has never attempted to pull them off, plus he looks like the coolest kid on the block when he wears them!

  377. Amazon Customer

    My toddler rips ALL glasses off. We were heading to Maui and were afraid of the strong sun. Once he got used to them, he left them on and when he did pull them off, they stayed around his neck. But really, he wore them most of the time. Highly recommend for those kiddos that refuse sunglasses. My son is small and 2.

  378. Michon G.

    The case for this fits in my purse, a diaper bag or just about any pocket on our stroller. It’s so convenient! Plus i love that as my baby grows I won’t need to buy another pair of sunglasses, I can just change the band. I ordered a different brand originally and the band didn’t get small enough for my baby, who hates the bright summer sun in her eyes. So I returned them and am very happy I did. These were much better and less than a dollar more in cost.

  379. Kathy L.

    Great sunglasses for little kids & babies

  380. Celia

    A little big for a (7lb) newborn but I think by the time he’s 3 months they will fit perfectly.

  381. Elinor O.

    item as described.

  382. brandin

    These work as expected and after they’re on the baby doesn’t fuss

  383. brandin

    These work as expected and after they’re on the baby doesn’t fuss

  384. Kindle

    My daughter is 2-1/2 and loves to wear sunglasses but the regular ones fall off. I’m so glad that I found these strap on sunglasses. The straps are easily to swap out and adjust to fit your child’s head. Just make sure they are too tight.


    works well for a toddler

  386. Rit Rit

    Once you get them on their head it works pretty well. The velcro is handy

  387. Klk2118

    Bought these for my 4 month old girl. They just fit her, so she will grow into them .love that it came with 2 size straps and a case! They look adorable too !

  388. Heidi Jacob

    They fit my 11 week old

  389. Amazon Customer

    My girl has Albinism and she uses these shades! It’s really good

  390. Stefanie Flynn

    Fits my 4 month old great love

  391. Dion1070

    Love these sunglasses for my grandson. They have an elastic band that is adjustable. The band is super soft so it wont scratch or itch your little ones head. The carrying case is nice to have to protect the sunglasses from getting scratched or damaged when carrying with you on the go and comes with an extra elastic band which is an added plus to this purchase! These are a must have for little ones when they are outside in the bright sun, they are needed just as much as sunscreen!

  392. Moira Katson

    These are still a bit big for our baby even at 7 months old and with the smaller strap, but it’s good that he has sunglasses and the case is very good to have!

  393. Cherie

    They come with two different sized straps. So they grow with baby. Lenses are dark and the eye protection is wonderful.

  394. CF

    Adorable and very good quality! I love the little additive of the piece that goes over the lens part for when you’re out in the sun and baby is sleeping. You don’t need to remove just add the extra piece. Yes, great product.

  395. KRIS

    Perfect fit

  396. Smilz728

    The band helps the sunglasses stay on to protect beaches eyes. They are attached with Velcro so it allows some adjustability for larger heads but my baby’s head is a little small so I wish there was a way to adjust them better to fit smaller heads.

  397. Erica Brown

    my baby girl love them

  398. Joyceline Ravelo

    Cutest thing ever

  399. Sasha

    I thought it was going to be another cheap item but when the item came, I was surprised. My baby loved it and so do I. The fit was perfect for my then 7 month old baby girl and extra extended strap for her through her toddler years.

  400. Mindy

    Just as promised. Fits well

  401. Ciara Bergeron

    Strap was a little bigger than I expected, otherwise perfect

  402. KathyT

    Cute cute

  403. Mrs. Mom

    Adorable and perfect for my 5 Month old grandson!

  404. Amazon Customer

    These are great!

  405. Rocky Chen

    My daughter likes it:)

  406. Laurie Adams

    They look good. Haven’t put on our grandson yet. Hopefully will be durable

  407. Jess Nichols

    My son loves these! They fit his big 6 month old head perfectly. Love the case they come in too.

  408. Denise G


  409. Kelly

    Love these! Fit my 3 month old grandson perfect.

  410. Newljon

    Love these! They come in a really nice case, and the strap is easy to adjust and very comfortable for our baby.

  411. Emma Powers

    I was worried they would be uncomfortable or my son would pull at them but he loves them!! Now we can do all kinds of “fun in the sun” activities and I don’t have to worry about his precious eyes :). He’s been wearing them since about 4 months old. He’s 18lbs in picture.

  412. L. Larson

    Nice sturdy case and 2 bands that adjust as the child grows up. These glasses don’t seem to bother our 1 year old as much as glasses without the strap so I’m hoping these don’t get lost!

  413. CP

    These are very cute! Two different sized straps which is great. Little big for my 3 month old nephew but that was not surprising. Will last a long time.

  414. Megan Kniceley

    I love the adjustable strap for the headpiece.

  415. Wfford

    My 15 month old granddaughter loves them

  416. tborder

    Bought them for my grandson. He’s a month old but seemed to wear them well with no fussing

  417. Mayijosh

    Loved it!

  418. Mayijosh

    Loved it!

  419. COTIE

    Fits great, my son loves them.


    Very Cute. Comes with two strap sizes and baby’s head gets bigger. Probably squishes her eyelashes; hope not, can’t tell

  421. Julie

    These baby shades are great! I always wear sunglasses, and when I noticed my son squinting on sunny days I realized that he needs some as well! He is 1.5 years old and the “toddler” band fits perfectly (he’s maybe around 70 percentile for head size for comparison). If you are debating about the product, order earlier rather than later, as the “baby” band was way too small for him at this age. The way they fit on his face is great, and he does not mind them on at all once he realized it is much easier to see with them on! He did pull them off when I put them on for the first time while we were indoors. Great product for the price, and they work beautifully…not to mention they look pretty darn cool!

  422. D. Wilson

    Work great to protect my grandsons light sensitive eyes.

  423. Xtec Inc

    These shades are so cute. It doesn’t seem to bother him much. The small band was still a little big for my 6 month old, but still workable.

  424. Cassandra Foust

    Love them. They are super dark quick is perfect for my little one!!

  425. KW

    So cute. 2 different band sizes to hold it on little one’s head. Also loved that there is a carrying case to protect the sunglasses.

  426. Anthony & Rebecca

    Took our little man to Moab, UT for a hiking trip and these stayed on his face perfectly. He fell asleep and we took them off then to keep his face from pushing into them too much. But he didn’t try to take them off and they never fell off.

  427. crisa23

    Our son (3 months) actually loved these glasses … and the fit is great.

  428. Snarf

    Our 8-month old son looks great in these. We recently visited the zoo, and he wore them happily the whole time!

  429. Bailey

    Great purchase!!

  430. InnocentBystanderTop Contributor: Baby

    OMG I love these and my son looks ridiculously cute in them. I had to do some McGuyver-ing to mae them fit my sons head bc he is really small. I sewed the straps and velcro in different places and they fit great now. I love the black. He’s still figuring out that he can open his eyes with them on, lol. But they are great and protect him from our bright FL sun.

  431. Amazon Customer

    They are perfect for our 9mo old grandson. Having to different size straps was super. We changed to the smaller one and they are the best. Only sunglasses he leaves on. The hard case to keep them in clips onto his stroller.

  432. Shaunna Preston

    Took my 6mo baby to the zoo in these and they worked great. he didn’t pull at them or seem uncomfortable in any way and they stayed put all day long.

  433. Amber Elizabeth

    2nd time purchasing these. They stay on and fit great!

  434. Gabo

    Awesome! My daughter looks beautiful with this. Really good and nice cover.

  435. Courtney S.

    love these and our baby does too especially when it is sunny!

  436. c.rise

    Like a picture, they fit my daughter’s head great, she can move her head back and forth in her car seat and they stay on.

  437. jasmine

    These are perfect for protecting my little ones eyes! I love how they can be adjusted with the Velcro strap for size!

  438. Truth Seeker

    Our grandson did need a bit of a learning time to not pull these off (started wearing them when he was 9 mos for a trip to CA and then trip to south FL). You do have to take care to adjust them so that they are comfortable each time. Very good quality glasses AND case. They adjust so I can tell he should be able to get multiple years of use out of them if they are taken care of. My daughter always stores them in the pouch. Remember to clean them occasionally. And the baby looks like such a cool dude!

  439. hgail

    I love these! they fit comfortably on my 5 month old and they are the perfect amount of tint! I live in the desert and they definitely keep his eyes safe from the sun without being too dark.

  440. Evgeniya Gorshenina

    Perfect for my 4 months daughter!

  441. AP

    Fit great and our baby doesn’t mind wearing them. The strap is very soft and fitting. I’m just happy we finally found something that will protect his eyes.

  442. RFranken

    Love these!

  443. Joshua

    These are so precious!

  444. Jaime A Blue

    LOVE these. So happy about having both straps come with, so my daughter can wear them for a long time. Fit well, comfy to my 9 mo for at least an hour.

  445. lisamarie

    It does come with two sets of straps one is bigger than the other. They fit my 3 month old with the smaller strap perfectly. Love them. Would definitely buy them again.

  446. BP

    These are great! I have bought the ones at Target before but they did not come with the extra band or the case. I like these a lot better because I can change the band to the size I need and the case protects the glasses.

  447. PAPA Georgio


  448. BD Colo

    Good product!

  449. Melissa Bevans

    My baby looks so cool in his sunglasses….He’s only 3 months and love keeping the sun out of his eyes

  450. Marcy

    I love it

  451. B.Dietrich

    Great fit and look adorable on our son!

  452. Dede Cole

    They are awesome!!!

  453. mrsmel269Top Contributor: Baby

    These are awesome. We bought for our baby so she could ride on 4 wheelers with us and use during sunny days. She keeps them in and I love that they have 2 straps to grow with her.

  454. Onelia Abreu

    I was very happy my daughter tried all the time to take them off and she couldn’t. They were perfect for a sunny day at the beach.

  455. Anonymous Male

    This product is great! it has two size straps and is adjustable. If fit on my sons face really well. He hated all the sun in his eyes till we got him these. Sadly, his stupid dad lost them, but until that point they were great!

  456. Sarah

    I bought these for my 8 week old since we spend 5 days a week at soccer and he has light colored eyes. The smaller strap fits perfectly and the case is great to go right in my purse.

  457. Northern_Mom

    Super for keeping little eyes protected. (Be warned if you’re buying for your first toddler, they will be able to take them off easily.)

  458. MC11

    It is so hard to find sunglasses that fit baby and alseem comfortable. These are the first I’ve found that stay on my 7 mo baby’s head and he doesn’t push off right away. The have a soft strap and stay in place.

  459. Andrea

    Got these for my 5month old! They fit great and he keeps them on! Love that the band is soft and comfy on his head

  460. najnad

    surprised my 4 month old liked it right away! not only looks cool, but protects him as well!

  461. yiling

    works great on my toddle kid, seems very comfortable .

  462. Traci Sides

    My grandson is 3 months old they are slightly big it’s okay because he has cataracts and they’re recommended by his eye doctor they’re going to work out great for what I need thank you

  463. Amazon Customer

    Great fit for our 9 month old. They must be comfortable, most of the time he leaves them on!

  464. Amazon Customer

    2nd pair purchased – BEST ones out there for your little peeps !

  465. Karin Biggs

    These actually stay on my 4 month old’s face! Plus they’re adorable

  466. Lauren K

    Love that it comes with a carrying case and larger sized strap. Everyone thinks our daughter looks too cool for school in these glasses. Grandpa and Dad love to call her Riddick when she’s wearing them. Great for boating, stroller rides, kicking butt, and taking names.

  467. Matt

    kids love them and the baby will leave these on. today she asked for them when I was putting her in the car

  468. Amazon Customer

    These fit baby well and he doesn’t seem to mind them. The material is sturdy and the case is handy for safe storage in the diaper bag.

  469. KHunter

    Love that it comes with two straps.

  470. zoe rose

    2 month old at the beach–great coverage baby was fine with the glasses worked so well

  471. Amazon Customer

    I got these for my granddaughter 3 months old. They stay on and they are made well.

  472. Jennifer Marnie

    These are awesome! I definitely recommend them.

  473. Amazon Customer

    They fit well and stays put love that they come with two bands she is 10 months and with the smaller band they fit perfectly

  474. Darryl Hanson

    Great glasses and the babies love them.

  475. Amy L Groth

    These are great at protecting my daughter’s eyes, especially when a hat is impractical. Plus, she looks adorable! Easy on/off. Definitely recommend.

  476. $6%%* ccfncegvvpuxn cgb fn $hb vbz-

    Excellent quality!!!

  477. Kelly Morgan

    Love these!

  478. Jen PA-C

    Sturdy and a great color

  479. Nathan N. Aileo

    These are great! I love them for my kids and they will still be the right size next year thanks to the adjustable straps.

  480. Sam M.

    Cute and my 3 month old was smiling when I put them on her. So far so good. I like that they’re adjustable

  481. Bethany Petersen

    They fit our large 5mo well. He does leave them alone for the most part. I like that it came with 2 different size straps.

  482. CBuelow

    Baby loves them! He’s only 2 months old but he can use them outside in the pool or when we go for walks to protect his eyes. We live in sunny Florida, so shades are a must! I like how they are super dark and they come with 2 sets of straps.

  483. Sara Le

    My kid loves these! The adjustable bands are awesome! They aren’t too tight, the thickness is great, and they provide perfect eye protection from that nasty bright sun!

  484. Scented01

    Love the straps. So soft and comfy on baby’s head. He doesn’t mind them at all. Super cute on!

  485. Rachel M.

    My 6 month old is in the 100th percentile for height and weight with a head circumference of 15.5 inches. Most other baby sunglasses are too small and aren’t wide enough on his face. These are perfect. Love that there’s a larger strap for when he’s older! These work perfect for stroller rides, splash pads, bike rides, etc. The case is for storage.

  486. Amazon Customer

    Fits great. Good product. Appears to be well made. Toddler has worn several times and glasses are holding up well. Would purchase again.

  487. K. Woz

    These are great! I love that they come with 2 different size straps so as my daughter grows she can still use them. The regular type of sunglasses fall right off her face but these actually stay on !

  488. Amazon Customer

    great fit.lovethe adjustable straps for both infant and toddler

  489. Jen C

    These glasses are great! What I like is that the bands are adjustable on both sides, not just one like a previous pair I had to return. And they come with 2 bands to fit baby’s growing head. They are too cute!

  490. Amazon Customer

    Purchased these for my six year old grandson… the large strap was a great fit on his head.

  491. zoe

    Love them!

  492. Deb


  493. Deb


  494. Amazon Customer

    I got these for my grand niece 2 months old. Her mother like taken her for a walk. She love to look at everything, these provide the needed protection to her eyes

  495. Valerie R.

    Still a little too big for my baby’s head, but the smaller strap makes it almost wearable without falling off. She can now grow and keep wearing them with the bigger strap as well.

  496. shineBright

    Fits very comfy.

  497. Lindsay

    Baby won’t keep them on her head but the product is so made well and really cute.

  498. Marge Malone

    Perfect for my one year old! Highly recommend!

  499. C Me Steil

    I am so impressed with the quality of these! The case they come in is perfect for tossing them in a diaper bag without worrying.

  500. Olya

    Awesome! great quality

  501. Melissa

    Just too cute for words. Plus they serve their purpose. I also love how easy they are to resize and the extra band – very as baby boy gets bigger!

  502. Shanna V

    Love that there’s two different sized bands!

  503. Kay

    Love these for my grand baby!!!!!

  504. Amazon Customer

    In general it is good, but the baby, who has not yet been sitting, presses or slides

  505. Amazon Customer

    My 9 month old granddaughter leaves these on. Very happy with this purchase.

  506. Amazon Customer

    These are just the best

  507. Lucy

    I love these! They fit my baby well.

  508. Dana Lynn

    Love these! My daughter has been wearing them since she was 4.5 months and doesn’t fuss. She has a small head and they fit just right.

  509. KitKat

    These are great! The fit well and actually stay on. Plus my little one doesn’t seem to mind them. And for icing on the cake, he looks freaking adorable.

  510. Amazon Customer

    My daughter loves these and they fit her great. She is almost 3. I also bought a pair for my infant, who is 6 weeks old. They work great for him as well.

  511. MelG

    These are so cute!! My grand daughter looks like a movie star in them. The two sizes of straps are great for longevity. The hard sided case keeps them safe and they fit perfectly in there. They are of very good quality.

  512. Amazon Customer

    Love them! Bought for my 4 month old nephew and they fit him great. The carrying case is a great addition and worth the money.

  513. Jon Anderson

    We get a LOT of comments about these and how cool they are. They really do help a lot with the sun getting in her eyes. At only 3 months, she’s loving them!

  514. Jolene

    Quick delivery, just as looks in pictures. Works great for our 2 month old!

  515. User

    First sunglasses I could get my toddler to wear and keep on.

  516. LaRae Russell

    Love these! Comes with 2 bands for different size heads!! Look super cute too!

  517. Brenda

    These glasses are the greatest, our baby loves them and doesn’t touch them at all ,just looks through them and thinks he’s a big boy.

  518. Jessica A Posto

    These are working great. My daughter is 4 months old and head is 50th percentile (16″). The smaller strap is a tiny bit too big but not enough to be a problem. She will usually leave these alone on her face and they’re dark enough that she’s definitely happier with them on in the sun.

  519. Alexandra

    These sunglasses are great they stay on and protect my daughters eyes. She is 13wks old and I am really pleased with the quality and the fit of these glasses

  520. Megan Keiser

    They for my 7 month old great! If I have them too tight, they leave marks so it takes a bit if adjustment. She leaves them alone once they are on and don’t seem to bother her one bit. We got lots of comments on how cute they are too. These glasses are really dark as well, I am very pleased.

  521. Kate Crowley

    Great product and we love he adjustable strap!

  522. TwinBoyMom

    Every time my twins go outside with those on every thinks they are the coolest thing! The boys love them their selves! They don’t fight or play with them just enjoy them____________

  523. VR213

    LOVE these sunglasses. We tried multiple other brands for our toddler before finding these. They stay on and don’t hurt. But, the best feature is that they are adjustable AND come with a second shorter they really can last for years as your kiddo grows. My toddler used to dislike wearing sunglasses and now he asks for them because these fit so well and are comfortable. Another feature I really like is that the soft strap starts near the temple, so if you have a kid with a large head…there isn’t plastic digging into the side of their head. We tried another brand that had an adjustable sttap…but it was only a strap at the back of the head, and the plastic reached around to the ears. It was labeled 2 to 4 yrs yet it dug into the side of my 2 yr olds head. These are definitely a great design for kids.

  524. Ashley Ford

    These fit great and they have two bands to adjust sizing as baby gets bigger!

  525. Janelle H

    Stays on my 6 month old perfectly!

  526. Melissa Jeffries

    My little boy loves them and they fit well. My l.o. also love to bang them on his high chair table and they are still in good shape.

  527. Tammy DeMent

    I got these for my grandson that is 8 months old. He is one cool dude now! Love them!

  528. mar de c gonzalez

    Cute and fit perfectly

  529. amy

    They were a little big, but came with a larger and smaller band- of course our little one will grow in to them just fine

  530. carol scott

    The small strap fits my 4 month old grandson. It seems comfortable and well fitting.

  531. Nayeli

    Sooo cute and comfy for my baby. He is 3mo and the short band fits perfect! Will be able to use for the entire summer!

  532. Alie K

    Theses are great! I was surprised they fit my four month old since he is on the smaller side for his age (may not look like it in the close up pic) it’s really great the glasses come with two different size bands so when he grows we can move up to the bigger size. Comes in a nice carrier. Would recommend and would buy again!

  533. Amazon Customer

    These fit my 5 month old well and do their job.

  534. Amazon Customer

    Great Thank you. Baby looks cool in his new glasses.

  535. Nelly Nazario


  536. Beerded Biker

    Wicked cute.

  537. Beerded Biker

    Wicked cute.

  538. Ashes

    My toddler loves them. This is his second pair.

  539. Rubye Chandler

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE this my grandson looks so handsome and his eyes will be protected from the synrom the United States

  540. Lisa Trace

    They stay on nicely and are easy to get on and off!!

  541. JesterBean

    Love these glasses! they fit my 7 month-old perfectly. I highly recommend these!

  542. Kindle Customer

    We love these little sunglasses.

  543. Sydney R.

    The small strap fit my 8 month old baby great! He didn’t mind wearing them outside when it was sunny.

  544. Julie White

    Very nice glasses. Very satisfied!

  545. Julie White

    Very nice glasses. Very satisfied!

  546. inacudamooda

    These goggles/ glasses have Adjustable straps provide perfect fit- good coverage- stylish- affordable- great value would by again if need another pair.

  547. Kenziepie96

    So comfy for baby and easily adjustable! I am very happy about this buy being that my daughter hates regular glasses that just fall off and she has such light eyes she cannot see during the day with out them!

  548. Amazon Customer

    Love it! Highly recommend!! Got it for my 4months old and it was a little bit big but just depends on the baby! __

  549. MC

    Adjustable, and seem very comfortable – my 10 month old son loves wearing them when we’re out, they don’t fall off, and cover his eyes completely ( I mean they’re essentially goggles, so they should). Would recommend to anyone.

  550. tsilvia

    These glasses fit great on my 3 month old granddaughter. I got them for her to wear at the lake. They will fit her for a long time to come thanks to the two different size straps and all the adjustments.

  551. Becca

    Very satisfied with these sunglasses! They are easy to adjust and super cute. My 5 month old does not mind wearing.

  552. danamyte9

    This set comes with 2 adjustable headbands and a hard case. The smaller headband fits my 6 month old perfectly. She seems to love them and I love that they will last for many years to come.

  553. Kimberly Pierson

    Cute and protective baby sunglasses. Easy to adjust and they stay in place.

  554. Amazon Customer

    Love that it comes with two straps to grow with her head. They’re easy to put on, and stay put really well.

  555. roro teacher

    nice quality!

  556. Reginald Mendes

    These are adorable!!

  557. Samantha

    Awesome, very quick, thank you

  558. Amazon Customer

    Just perfect for my 3 month old great grand son

  559. mh

    The glasses are nice and with the adjustable band(s) they fit. However, getting this grandchild to keep glasses on is not easy. He keeps them on for a little while then takes them off. He is only 14 months old so I am hoping that eventually he will use them for more than a few minutes at a time.

  560. MB

    These are great, they fit good and my granddaughter doesn’t try to take them off.

  561. Laura and Robb

    Fits my one year old perfectly. She doesn’t normally complain about wearing them either so they must be comfy. Love the easy velcro on the side design that makes putting them on a breeze!

  562. bmaerhofer

    Works great! Baby loves them!!

  563. rgehlers


  564. Fernandes

    These are wonderful. They are easy to fit and put on my 5 month old, and he even leaves them on. One thing I didn’t notice when I ordered is that they come with 2 different straps for growing with your baby. A need for every baby

  565. Nicole Sherman

    2yr old loves these durable glasses. Nice Velcro adjustable strap

  566. Amazon Customer

    These were perfect for my son! Once he got used to the band he loved wearing them

  567. DSloan

    _ these are amazing!!! They came with two bands, one small and one large and with the small band they fit my three month old perfectly! It’s taking some getting used to but they are perfect for our walks! And the hard case protects them in my giant diaper bag. If I could give it ten stars I would.

  568. L.C. Rooney

    Too cute for words, but the main thing is the 100% UVA/UVB protection for the little one’s eyes. The two different sized neoprene straps are great, as baby won’t outgrow them before s/he’s ready for regular sunglasses. Love the hard case, too. Just slip it into your diaper bag and you’ll always have them when you need them. I don’t think any baby loves having glasses put on the first few times, but they do get used to it. Our granddaughter doesn’t like them put on while still in the house, but outside she seems to appreciate that she no longer has to squint while in her stroller! 🙂

  569. AFaber

    Very cute. Fit really well. My 6 month old keeps them on with no problem.

  570. plovesk

    Great. Still little too big for our 4 month old but she’ll grow into them soon

  571. Lee Marrs

    These look very cool on our grandson, and the hook-and-loop straps customize the fit. On the rare occasion that he keeps them on for more than 10 seconds, I’m sure they protect his eyes from harmful rays.

  572. Amazon Customer

    These were perfect for my four month old! Great adjustable strap and the carrying case is extra handy. We had her in the pool with these on and she seemed to like them!

  573. Amazon Customer

    Practical. So easy to put on. Love it. Baby in photo is 3 months.

  574. Julia Tuleneva

    Nice for toddlers

  575. B-rae

    These worked great for my son. We bought them before going on a trip to the lake where the little guy ended up with pink eye. The sun would bother him even if he had his face buried in a towel, but he would actually stop crying when he had these on so I’d say they work pretty great!

  576. Hmarcotte

    I love these sunglasses for my 4 month old they fit her perfect. They stay on very good!!

  577. Khouston

    These are durable and perfect for my little guy. I love the strap, it holds the glasses on without leaving a mark!

  578. BT Falcon

    Perfect glasses.I bought these for my15 month old and they work great. The case is a big plus so they don’t get scratched.

  579. James


  580. Kris84

    These were perfect for my one year old while we were at the beach!

  581. ilovelamp

    They look a little awkward in the pic but look real cute on baby.

  582. SweetCaliJules

    These are great. The two sized straps make it last longer on the little face. My son will wear them at 5 months as long as he is distracted with stuff to look at. They fit perfect with the smaller strap.

  583. Maria Parente

    These fit perfectly on my 3 month old. HE actually likes wearing them. GREAT purchase.

  584. technosprout

    Easy to use. The kid likes them

  585. rita wimmer

    My grandson looks so cute and these really shade his little eyes.

  586. Karla

    These have been working great for our 9 month old grandson who has no problem wearing them since we purchased them a while back.

  587. Mark

    These fit our small one-year-old daughter (who’s in the 10th percentile for height & weight) perfectly, yet she will still be able to wear them as she gets older because it comes with two strap sizes. Many, many people have given us (and her) compliments on her cool “goggles”! After a handful of outings during which we diligently encouraged her to keep them on, she now wears them for extended periods of time, especially when she’s actively engaged in something (playing, walking, etc.). She has fair skin and blue eyes, so wearing sunglasses is very important since she’s especially susceptible to sun damage – to eyes and skin. These really are the perfect product for her because she won’t wear a hat for very long and she’s very active outside. Five stars for sure!

  588. Jenni & Donnie

    My son is 17 months old and these work perfect for him. They aren’t too tight and can be adjusted. Very cute on the kid!

  589. *Marie*

    These are great. My daughter and I both love them for her. She has a very small head, so at almost 3 years old, these fit perfectly. Plus, once she gets a few more years, we’ll use the next size up that was included in this purchase. I’m guessing these will last about 5 years, based on the quality and the size options. I recommend them.

  590. Agent

    Look awesome, comfortable practice fit.

  591. Ex-Pat Brit

    I love these for my baby when we go for walks in the summer. Two straps are included, so he’ll be able to wear these for a long time to come! I love knowing that his little eyes are protected from UV rays.

  592. Pat Guthrie

    Cute glasses for infants

  593. crzydp

    Good fit, and a fairly great pair of sun glasses. They must be comfortable because she keeps them on. Unlike the cheap over the ear style.

  594. crzydp

    Good fit, and a fairly great pair of sun glasses. They must be comfortable because she keeps them on. Unlike the cheap over the ear style.

  595. sandy

    Great quality!

  596. Victor

    Great product! Bought these for our 2 month old grandson. Fit great. Love how they ‘grow as your child grows’ with 2 different size straps. Straps have velcro closure so they are easy to get on and off. Would definitely recommend these to others.

  597. Deanna Long

    Super cute on my toddler. Great quality for price.

  598. Captain J

    This product will grow with my granddaughter. She’ll be able to wear them for several years.

  599. Emelene Abner

    My grandson is 5 1/2 months old and these are perfect for him. I love the idea that they will grow with him over the next few years! Definitely worth the price!

  600. A. Simeonidis

    Item arrived SUPER fast and exactly as described. Thank you very much!

  601. J. Swafford

    I purchased these for my 14 month old that refuses to wear a hat. He enjoys wearing the glasses and keeps them on for an extended period as long as he is distracted. My 3 year d also likes the glasses and asks to wear them. I appreciate that the glasses come with two different sized stamps allowing them to be worn for a few years.

  602. Amanda

    Love the straps more than I thought. Less likely to get lost!

  603. Amazon Customer

    They stay on nicely

  604. Emma’s Momma

    These sunglasses have worked very well for my 9 month old. She will not tolerate hats so I wasn’t sure how she would tolerate the band around her head. So far, she has tolerated them well. They appear to be well made and can grow with her since it came with 2 adjustable bands.

  605. Janerr02

    Great product as it did everything I expected it to which was provide sun protection for my son’s eyes. It made our morning walks much more enjoyable as my 6 month old son is no longer squinting. The straps are adjustable and when his head gets really big, the bigger spare strap will really come in handy. Having the carrying case is awesome too, especially for traveling. I can toss it in whatever bag and not worry about the glasses getting scratched or broken. They do leave a small indentation on his nose but so do mine. He’s not in any pain or discomfort so I’m not worried about it.

  606. Amazon Customer

    My daughter hates things on her face but actually keeps them on for about 10 minutes at time. She looks adorable in them too. She has a bigger head for her age so we are using the bigger strap that came already on the glasses and they fit well.

  607. John R

    Worked perfect for my 4 month old son. They didn’t bother him at all. He usually squints out in the sun but not after these. They protected his eyes just as we had wanted.

  608. Michael Parham

    Great protection and my grandkids wear and keep them on at the beach

  609. rita785

    I bought these for my 1 year old grandson. He’s only worn them a couple of times but appears to like them! He leaves them on (which is always the biggest battle). The two straps are a plus as well as the carrying case.

  610. Rick

    We got these sunglasses for my infant son because he is very light complected and the sunlight seems to bother his eyes when he’s in the car etc. The sunglasses seem to be very well made and durable. They definitely don’t have a cheap feel to them and they look adorable on my son. I would recommend this product to a friend with a baby.

  611. Sophie B.

    I bought these for my baby, now six months, when she was two or three months. She’s been in a high percentile for head circumference since birth, but even now the strap is too big to be used as intended. As you can see in the picture, it was easy enough to find a fix with the Velcro. My daughter didn’t like these when we first tried them, but I think once I pushed her around in the stroller a bit outside she realized it wasn’t so bright and I think got distracted. She still fusses a little putting them on, but she fusses about a lot. The glasses do their job and they weren’t super expensive. They seem to be fairly sturdy, at least at this age, although a toddler might cause some damage or scratch them, but that is what toddlers do. Less important but still worth noting: these sunglasses crack people up. When we’re outside somewhere, particularly when she’s in the stroller, my baby is remarkably expressionless, which kind of solidifies the “cool baby” vibe. She always gets smiles or even laughs from strangers, so if you’re looking to turn some heads, these glasses may do the trick.

  612. dl heart

    It came with two different sized straps. My little one is 4 months old and it’s just a tiny bit too big for him, but we were able to use them anyway. They are so cute and he will be able to use them for a long time.

  613. Sara

    I would love to review this product, however when the package arrived, it was only an empty case. The glasses and strap were missing. I’m working on exchanging them and if the full item arrives, I will update my review. Update- I received a response from the seller, Plangea Inc, the same day I left the above feedback. They immediately sent out a replacement product and this time everything was there. The sunglasses fit my baby perfectly and I love that 2 sizes of straps are included. I’m using the small strap for my baby with a 17″ head, there is still a little room to grow on that one and I still have the longer strap to use, so as long as we don’t lose them, these glasses will last a long time, especially with the zippered storage case. The neoprene with velcro straps seem to be good quality and stay on well even with graby baby hands. Happy to be able to protect my sons eyes, and look cool doing it.

  614. james groves

    My 2 year old loves them. Doesn’t go out into the sun without them. And the strap keeps me from looking for them on the ground.

  615. Joyisme

    Great quality though my son hasn’t exactly loved wearing them but we keep trying.

  616. Sara – Mom of Two

    Work great and the extra stamps allow for room to grow.

  617. mary

    they fit perfectly exactly what I was looking for, the baby doesn’t mind wearing them because there isn’t any annoying earpieces to bother him just a soft headband that you adjust to his head. Sunglasses don’t help if the baby wont keep them on. I loved them so much I bought another pair to keep at my house in case his parents don’t put them back in the diaper bag. The hard case is a plus to protect the glasses when he’s not wearing them, and the bigger headband is a great idea so he can keep wearing them as he grows.

  618. nikki

    Everywhere we go when he’s wearing these things, people notice and comment on how cute he looks. Also: sun protection. Done deal!

  619. Amazon Customer

    I love these glasses. I feel much more safe with the soft material frame, so the baby does not poke his eyes out when he does tug on them. Love it.

  620. Yvonne Daniel

    Its very nice

  621. debra mcgarvey


  622. Araceli F

    Awesome! Baby loved them!

  623. Dawn Bailey

    My little boy doesn’t seem to mind wearing them. They were a little big for him, but he is a small baby. We added some extra Velcro that helped them fit. These work much better than ones with regular frames, especially when he is in his car seat.

  624. Sarah Sanders

    Excellent product. Thank you! Fits baby to toddler.

  625. Sarah Sanders

    Excellent product. Thank you! Fits baby to toddler.

  626. Amazon Customer

    I love these. I got them for my son who is almost 4 months old. They are a tad bit big but they work.

  627. Swagfamily

    Awesome for the grandbaby

  628. Abdolh

    l like it

  629. Michelle Rae Alexander

    Good quality, well made and they look great.

  630. Amber

    Ok, I just got these today and I love them!!! They fit perfectly for my 6 month old boys head using the smaller strap, he is 99% for head and height. I love having the bigger strap too so he can grow into these. We had a pair of the Babybandz before these and we lost them, but no biggie since they were too small for him already anyways. Also the babybandz were really impossible to adjust because the strap didn’t lay correctly once adjusted to maximum length. If you get these, you will not be disappointed!!!

  631. Rui Chaves

    He hates wearing them but I love that it is difficult for him to take them off. I’m hoping these will help him get used to wearing sunglasses and he eventually won’t need the strap. I can tell they are effective because when wearing them in his stroller he looks around, when not wearing them he turns his head to the side to try to avoid the sunlight.

  632. Jacob B.

    Kid loves these, and they stay on his head unlike all the normal sunglasses. the only negative is the velcro can agitate his skin a bit, but he usually has had a hat on under them because of winter so has not been a huge problem

  633. Elise

    So far so good! I love that it comes with a baby and toddler straps, and that they aren’t too easy to pull off. My 8 month old son seems to be ok with them after I distract him from the fact he has something on his head. So they look comfortable 🙂 I am optimistic about this product continuing to meet our needs. I did not receive free product or a discount. This review is based strictly on my own personal experience.

  634. Kristin M.

    She loves them…and looks incredibly cute in them! I was very surprised that she wore them because she hates hats, headbands, etc…but she love these…I think it’s because she has very blue eyes and once she got them on and experienced the “relief” from the bright light she totally chilled out! Even the smaller strap is a bit large for her head (5 months old) but they stay on well enough when she is just chilling in the stroller or swing outside!

  635. Deb H.


  636. mammaof2

    Baby boy loves them. They protect his eyes very well and they fit and stay in place great.

  637. Waskul

    My 2 year old son loves these sun glasses. The strap makes it easier for him to keep them on. It comes with 2 different sized straps which I thought was awesome. He keeps telling me “Cool, Cool!” They are adorable and a hit.

  638. sonja montgomery

    Love these little glasses! .My grandson is 2 moths old and living in Florida I wanted to do every thing to protect his little blue eyes. I would recommend these.

  639. Kelleigh K Chittenden

    Would highly recommend this product! The glasses fit my grandson face and head without a problem and I love that there is a larger band for when he gets bigger.

  640. Playtime

    My grandson loves his “shades”. They look just like his Dad’s!! The appear to be very comfortable on him and he does not mess with them. I think he realizes they help with the bright sunlight, and he is only a few months old!! Highly recommend these be put on a baby registry!!

  641. GWE

    I bought these for my son when he was around 3 1/2 months old. With the smallest strap included they were a little big, but I was able to adjust it to make it work. I love that they’re adjustable and will grow with him, and I especially love the case they came with!

  642. Amazon Customer

    It comes with two bands which is great. He will get plenty of wear out of them. The small band is still a tiny bit big for my 10 month old, but just barely. They were true to color.

  643. Amazon Customer

    My grand daughter loves these (bought 3 different colors). Really when out in the Florida sun, especially in the stroller, at a Disney Park, the pool or beach!

  644. Stuart J. Ellis


  645. Mom

    The sunglasses fit my 10 month old son great. Love that there are 2 strap sizes.

  646. Eva Hughes

    Great product, looks very cute on our little 6 month old.

  647. Laurie A. Isenberg

    Love these glasses! They have a good fit no matter what size your child is. They have good protection from the sun and the strap in back helps hold them on. Having a case to keep them in is a great feature.

  648. Matt

    Stylish sunglasses and a handy hardshell case too!

  649. Connie Q.

    The glasses are easily adjustable to a perfect fit.

  650. Kindle Customer

    My granddaughter, 6 months old, could barely keep her eyes open on sunny days. After putting these glasses on her, she became visibly relaxed and looked around as if she was discovering the outdoors for the first time.

  651. Gloria Harris

    I absolutely love these sun glasses for my little girl. She is 4 months and we are a very active outdoorsy family. We go hiking every weekend and she accompanies me every day on my runs. Overall all great for the price!

  652. Amanda & Kids

    We have been trying to find something for our son to help with the dust and sun for when we go riding.. these are perfect.. great product.

  653. Christopher

    Love love love these little guys. My son is 4 months old and these are a little too big for him but not by much. They came with two sets of straps which is nice if one gets lost or dirty. The included carrying case is sturdy.

  654. JAG

    Bought these for our 5 month old grandson. He has worn them already and they work great.

  655. Greg H.

    I love the glasses , they stay on my 3 month old grandson .

  656. Celadonia

    These are great! They fit well, have a cool little case to keep them from getting scratched up and they look adorable. Not bad for keeping my little guys eyes safe from the sun. I would definitely buy these again! I have already been telling all my friends where to get them.

  657. Amazon Customer

    My 5 month old baby loves his glasses!! So funny!!

  658. SDomo

    I ordered these sunglasses for my 4 month old little girl and I LOVE them!! They are super stylish and come in a variety of colors! But what I really love about these sunglasses is that they come with two adjustable straps! The straps are really soft and don’t leave marks on my little ones head. She can wear these sunglasses for years to come! Plus they come with a cute hard case to carry them in! These are just perfect!

  659. Colette Wintersteen

    We ordered these sunglasses for my 21 month old daughter who suffers from BPT. They work great and she leaves them on. would definitely buy again.

  660. Olivia

    Fits him perfectly. I bought some similar glasses for my daughter and they were always falling down because the band was too loose even on the tightest fitting. The band was also thin in the back. She’s almost two now and they still fall off so I’m going to buy her some of these as well. I just wish I would’ve found these when she was a baby. I love the little case it comes with too.

  661. Leah

    I love these!!!! Just got them today and luckily it was actually a nice enough day in Ohio to go for a walk!! My baby’s head is in the 25%ile and she’s a little over 2 months old – they are a little big, but not big enough they would’t stay on her face in the car seat/stroller. I say great purchase!

  662. DoggieMama

    Received in nice condition and appeared as expected.

  663. Gerald

    Awesome product!!! Perfect for my 1 yr old boy

  664. B Baker

    A little large for my 6 month olds head but he will grow into them. They look great!

  665. Molly

    Super cute, and stay on very well. Nice case as well.

  666. Heather V.


  667. Lea Bridges

    Perfect no complaints!!!

  668. Kelcee Feitlin

    My son loves these! It was nice getting a pair of glasses that we knew wouldn’t just fall off of his head. I also really liked that they come with two straps-a larger and smaller size.

  669. litelnole

    These are an EXCELLENT value! They fit my 2 month old very well actually (although a LITTLE wide but that’s to be expected for such a young age) and I anticipate they will continue to fit him as he grows. the case is very sturdy and they don’t slip off easily so far. (maybe as my little guy gets more mobile that will change, but for now, they protect his eyes without getting caught on anything in the car seat or stroller and don’t slip off.

  670. Allen

    These sunglasses are really great for babies/toddlers who don’t like sunglasses. My baby wore them just fine when he was really little, he did go through a phase where he was bothered by them and pulled them off even with the straps (so they are not “baby proof”) but he is getting to a point where he will wear them better again. I like that they come with a baby strap and a toddler strap so they can be worn over a longer period of time. I also like that they came with a travel case, that has helped me to keep up with both straps and keep the lenses damage free (diaper bags are not kind to fragile things!)

  671. Silas E Parks

    he loves them, though you have to be careful not to put them on too tight, the inside of the glasses frame is not padded for comfort.

  672. Dixie

    My son love this since it keep the sun off his face. The color is blue is very vibrant, it has two straps so you can change if your child outgrew the smaller strap. He had this before he turned 1 and he still have this now that he’s 3

  673. Raymond

    Very fast delivery. Just what I needed…;-)

  674. Cherie Kain

    Just buy it, it will save you money because baby leaves them on and you won’t have to keep buying more

  675. pshepflorida

    Baby will wear and makes such a difference in highly sunny spots!

  676. Mary Bryant

    Frames fit small 3 month old very good and the soft adjustable straps are easy on babys head.

  677. S. Miles

    These are very dark and cut down the sunlight very well. I was afraid the strap would irritate my son but as long as it doesn’t ride low and hit the tops of his ears he has no problem wearing them and never pulls at them. The two different size straps and the hard case are nice bonuses too! Oh and the straps are adjustable too.

  678. K. burke

    I could not be happier! These are perfect!! They fit wonderfully with the adjustable band, and even a larger band to continue to grow with him. The case is very sturdy and to carry them with all his other gear and not risk them being broken. He loves wearing them, doesn’t even attempt to take them off. I am so pleased!

  679. Carolyn

    I just love these, they look good, but most importantly they protect the eyes from the harmful rays. The case is great.

  680. norma a.

    Love these!

  681. Judy E. Kelly

    So cute!!

  682. Giuliano Vescovi

    The straps are great, so the glasses are not pressing against the face. They seem to be very comfortable. Compared to the Julbo Looping II (which I bought at the same time) the Tuga Baby are not as “cool”, but we tend to use it more often as our son (11 months) seems to be less bothered by Tuga Baby, and consequently leaves it on for longer time. The carrying case is also a nicely added bonus!

  683. Jessica Dodson

    Love these sunglasses. We are using them for our second child and our first still loves hers as well. Would definitely get again.

  684. laura

    Good. the color also is beautiful.

  685. nalubabe

    Love these. Just fits my 3 months old head. Wears them without trouble and likes them. When sun is in his eyes I put these on and he instantly relaxes.

  686. liha

    I like it my 4months old baby look cute when I put it on him & he like it too _____.. I give u ____________________ cause me like it, thank you..adios

  687. Danielle

    Very useful. 9-month old keeps them on, and they will be practical with a bike helmet. Looks cute too.

  688. Selena M. Gentry

    Love these!

  689. Rachelle

    Excellent. This is what we needed.

  690. Anonymous

    Well made… our daughter doesnt seem to mind the sun when she wears them

  691. M. XIONG

    These look so adorable on him. I put it on him and it fit perfectly. It was a little tricky to switch out the bands though. The opening for the straps to be threaded through was very small. My baby wore it for a few seconds and ripped it off his head. I will try to put it on him again when it’s very sunny out to see if he will wear it longer. He hates hats too, so this is no surprise.

  692. Elsa A.

    It took some getting use to, but my nephew wears these on his stroller rides now comfortably. Well made and good fit. The case is a plus for keeping organized in diaper bag.

  693. KS77

    as described, happy with purchase

  694. Twins Mom

    Only pair of sunglasses our twins will keep on their face! Soooo many people have commented how cute they are on our babies, too.

  695. Budavar

    Got these for my 4 month old! She loves them and I love how easy to put on and comfortable they are for her.

  696. Chris B

    These are super cute and would work well, if my daughter would wear them…

  697. BOB

    This is a great set of sunglasses for you little one. Plus with the extra strap they will grow with your little one so you can save some money on buying throw away glasses all the time. These are great for the pool, beach or anywhere else you might need them to stay on as long as your little one doesn’t pull them off. Ours hates it in doors but once out side its all about them protecting there eyes. As another reviewer stated make sure to feel around the nose piece. Ours had a little ruff part and scratched the little one just a little, nothing bad. We sanded it down with a nail file and it’s all good now, just feel the area when you get them or just sand them just in case. Otherwise this is a great purchase and I recommend them to all parents for there little one’s eyes to protect them. Plus they are a great sleep aide…

  698. amity_chief

    This are the bomb! They fit so well on my son’s little face. I love how they’re contoured and come with a fabric strap. I feel like they’re the most comfy glasses I could possibly find him. The fact that they also come with a case and an additional strap is just fantastic. A great value!

  699. Ann

    Got these for my 3 and 2 year olds. They love them. Fit is great. Case isn’t necessary for us, but my son plays with it.

  700. Boots

    Item as described….quick to ship!!

  701. mariana rodriguez

    Good product.

  702. pinkyndabrain

    I love the feel and weight of these. Baby hasn’t worn them yet-he’s still too little. But cant wait until he is able to wear them!

  703. Valerie G

    These are great, they’re a little big for my 6 month old, but I can still manage to keep them on him by slipping part of the velcro through the loop, they’re dark which is great for his eye protection!

  704. BagLady

    My baby hates sun in his eyes (who wouldn’t), but he looks adorable with these sunglasses on and they do the job. I like that it comes with 2 strap options and a great little sunglasses holder.

  705. johndawg

    The little man doesn’t mind wearing them and they stay on. Good product. We have blue and red now.

  706. Firm Believer

    Cute and practical sunglasses. My toddlers love them.

  707. AmbieCakes

    Speedy delivery! As described! Thank you!!

  708. Bear & Raven

    Just what I was looking for.

  709. Julie

    Love the sunglasses for my little guy. They fit just right using the smallest band. Their lightweight and like the color!!

  710. Jodi

    Love these goggles. Our 15 mo old wore them during our ski vacation in Breckenridge. The straps are adjustable, so they will probably fit her for a couple of years. And I love that here is a carrying case so that nothing gets lost!

  711. SubieMom

    My 4 month old loves these, never tries to pull them off. I swear my son must be part vampire, any sun at all, or light he gets fussy. I have to keep the lights in the living room off to give you an idea. He loves these, he’ll go outside looking around no problem and wear them in his carseat! They do leave little indentations by his eyebrows when worn tight enough they won’t fall off but it doesn’t seem to hurt or bother him at all. They also come with a great sunglasses case that zips and an extra band for additional sizing!

  712. James Davidson

    Awesome shades for a little one. My son will have to get a bit bigger to wear them, they’re too big for little babies. Think 3mo +.

  713. Richard Willingham

    These worke great on my son. We live in Arizona and the sun is bright 99.9% of the year. They fit comfortably. I hihhly recommend!!!

  714. M. Johnson

    My granddaughter loves wearing these – she’s 15 months old. My daughter puts these on her daughter when she squints in the sun and she rarely tries to pull them off. Everyone tells me that they are the cutest and best glasses for little ones.

  715. Sherre R.

    These are great for the beach.

  716. Bleu Starz

    These were a gift and the children loved them.

  717. Jerseyk

    The band kept the glasses on her head without being too tight. The great case allowed us to easily pack it in a bag or leave it in the bottom of a carriage. Definitely worth trying.

  718. Kevin K

    Great kids sunglasses at a great price

  719. Shelly Lawson

    They work great, when he wants to wear them.

  720. Shakti Shah

    Our son loves this and enjoys the glasses a lot!

  721. No dice

    I bought this as a gift for our friend’s son. He refused to take them off and went to bed wearing them…

  722. April

    These were perfect for my grandson. He is six months old and hates wearing hats. It was very difficult to keep the sun out of his eyes when taking him out for walks, so these are perfect for that. They must be comfortable because he tolerates them very well! They arrived very quickly. Mom loves the dual straps and the carry case so he can keep wearing them after he grows out of the first strap. Thanks for these!

  723. N W

    Love these!!!! Comes with 2 band sizes so they grow with your child!!!

  724. KnticEnerG

    We get compliments on these all of the time. They were a little big on a one month old, so we would strap it around her hat. At 6 months old, with a 17″ head, the small strap is perfect on the tightest setting. She will be wearing these for years! Update 8/17/2016: Two years later and we are still using these sunglasses practically daily! We purchased a second pair as there were scratches on one of the lenses after two years of baby and toddler abuse and as such, we have a pair for rough play and a pair for going out. These sunglasses are outstanding.

  725. Nic614

    Not sure if it’s the glasses or the age, but these are the only ones my son wont rip off his head. Cute too!

  726. Billie

    Love these sunglasses!! Stayed on great on my sons head, and he got compliments all the time on how adorable he looked!

  727. Michelle

    These are great. My son wears them without complaining or trying to pull them off because they allow him to see when we go on walks without squinting. I love the case and the 2nd band that can be used when he gets bigger. The quality is great!

  728. Shire Reader

    So far so good. These were purchased for a 14-month-old, and naturally they take a bit of getting used to by him, but he seems to be taking to them very well. They stay in place nicely, without leaving marks around his eyes or nose. The lenses appear clear, without distorting sight or colors, as well as my own sunglasses do. He definitely has more freedom of play in the pool, at the beach, and at the park now that he’s not constantly blinking and turning away from the sun. I love the fact that these will fit him through his toddler years so he won’t outgrow them and have to adjust to another pair. The sturdy case that they come with will help to ensure their lasting a long time.

  729. MamaLita

    It is important to protect little eyes from the sun and these sunglasses do that. They are so cute and look darling on my grandson! The quality of the glass is great and the case provides nice protection when he isn’t wearing them. I don’t think the extra strap was necessary but perhaps. I also bought tuga high tide long sleeve suit and the flap hat which together was a very attractive outfit for a 3 year old.

  730. Yer

    Pretty and comfortable sunglasses

  731. Tera M.

    Lenses are so dark! They are super cute! Perfect! Wish I could find glasses this dark!!

  732. Donna Miller

    Work great for kids 1 – 4 years old!

  733. Tay Peck Chyi

    My daughter love it very much.

  734. Nicolette Potgieter

    Perfect fit!

  735. LA

    Love the fit of the glasses on my 2 month old baby boy. The smaller strap works perfect for them now and the larger strap will be perfect in a few years. Highly recommend for outdoor families!

  736. rfornear

    I wanted our 3 year old grandson to wear sunglasses when out on our boat. I was afraid these wouldn’t be comfortable as the strap holds them rather close to the eyes, but the little guy wore them for over two hours, without complaint. In fact, he asked for them the next day when riding in the car. He was quite impressed with the zipper case, too! This seems to be a pretty durable product – should last for more than one season if the lenses don’t get scratched.

  737. J. Ramone

    Straps are a bit too small for a 4-month old, so he’ll have to grow into these. But they are pretty awesome, and they look cool, which is the whole point. Oh, and they have UV protection and stuff.

  738. John Drawbaugh

    Excellent quality sun glasses!

  739. Abdulrhman

    Thanck you

  740. Cindy

    Cute as all heck on baby! Seems really sturdy and durable.

  741. Jacqueline Carson

    Bought this as a gift for a newborn/3 month old. The parents were very pleased, as it is very sunny where they live (Denver).

  742. Hollis king

    I ordered these and a pair of baby banz for my 3mo. This pair seem to have a little more of a curve to them (not flat like the bbz that put all the pressure on his nose) and I really like the fact that there are 2 straps with these sunglasses so he can continue to wear them as he grows.

  743. Traci Louise Olsen

    My son was only 7 weeks old when we got these. But we go for a walk everyday and it’s so bright out. He doesn’t mind wearing them at all. They fit nicely. I’m hoping to keep track of them for the whole five years as longs as they continue to fit!

  744. Kathleen

    Bought these for my nine month old and i love them. He of course tries to pull them off but if I distract him he forgets he is wearing them.

  745. Dorothy

    Great product for infant/toddlers. Two sets of straps, so infant/toddler will grow with the sunglasses. Really fast shipping. Stay on face/head very well.

  746. laura157

    It’s nice that you get 2 bands with these. DS moved into the larger band at about 16 months, but his head is a bit bigger since he’s a larger kid. He likes to wear these to help keep the sun out of his eyes and he likes the case since it’s squishy. I live that the glasses are pretty sturdy and attractive for kid sunglasses.

  747. Sarah J

    My nephew loves them. Admittedly he is 4 months old but he loves going out with his mom on walks. He also is really enjoying chilling out on the porch in the warm spring weather. The sunglasses fit him well with the smaller strap and they really are pretty effective sunglasses. I’m quite pleased with the purchase and would absolutely recommend them to others.

  748. ParadiseFound

    These are better in person and my son likes them but he keeps wanting to take them off. The bands are adjustable to the head measurement and the case is handy to keep them from getting scratched. These keep from falling off the head, love them great seller fast ship

  749. olanska18

    My daughter is 6 months old and these fit her perfectly with the shorter strap. I can definite see her using them for a while because there’s a longer strap. I do wish the case came with a clip or lanyard to attach to the stroller though. I also wish they came in more colors.

  750. A. Devitt

    the perfect sunglasses for toddlers and infants from 6 months -4 years . they travel with you in an ease and the case is fabulous

  751. A. Devitt

    the perfect sunglasses for toddlers and infants from 6 months -4 years . they travel with you in an ease and the case is fabulous

  752. Jose

    Unlike other sunglasses, our son likes to wear this sunglasses. Now, he can be protected against sun radiation. Very good product!!!

  753. Joe Rutherford

    beautiful just like the picture shows. fits great and protects little eyes. very happy grandma and momma. would purchase again

  754. Shelby Gilmore

    These are very sturdy glasses used them for my one year old and they’ve held up and having the 2 band sizes is awesome because my 3 yr old niece likes to use them as well

  755. Karyna Vargas

    Liked them a lot! Hopefully my baby will keep them on next summer!! Loved the color, the band to help keep them on and the case

  756. Karyna Vargas

    Liked them a lot! Hopefully my baby will keep them on next summer!! Loved the color, the band to help keep them on and the case

  757. Michelle

    My baby is 7 months and years everytime I take them off her she screams so I know she loves them too

  758. Jack T Bliven

    We bought these and one other set (of a different brand) for my daughter. They are a bit big for her head, but the band is adjustable without becoming too tight. In fact, this product comes with two seizes of bands, which makes it great for when the babies are very small. They seem to keep her eyes protected. The band is stretchy, and the plastic of the glasses doesn’t seem too hard. The Velcro on the strap helps to keep the sunglasses tight. I really love this product.

  759. CTMom

    I love the fact that these protective and stylish glasses come with two straps for a growing baby. My 4-month old wore them happily for several hours. With the larger strap included, I won’t need to buy a new pair for several years. I’m very happy with this purchase and would recommend the glasses to others.

  760. MariaC

    These are really cute and easy to put on my baby. Unfortunately, she is little so they’re a little too big for her right now. However, since they’re adjustable and come with the bigger strap, she’ll be able to use them for years to come. And, the matching case is great for keeping them protected.

  761. Jessica J

    I read all the reviews for all the different brands and decided on the Tuga Baby toddler sunglasses. They are so adorable while protecting his eyes. It took our 18 month old a while to get used to them but we just kept putting them back on him. He got used to them =) They fit really well and have the second strap that was when our kiddo got bigger.

  762. Stisty

    Buggy Ridding to Windy Boat Cruising, these are great quality and safely stay in place and my toddler. My son looks more comfortable in these than any of the others that we have tried. The frames are slightly small for my 3 year old’s face, but not too much to wear it would bother him or look bad.

  763. kate

    Purchased for my 3 mo. old. The smaller strap is still a little big, but these sunglasses still stay put unlike other sunglasses we’ve tried. Definitely worth the purchase!

  764. Tennessee Familu

    I bought these for my 5 month old daughter. It came with two straps in different sizes and one fit her great. She wears them (we were surprised) without any crying or trying to take them off. Great product!

  765. Linda RN

    love it love it that there are 2 different size bands hard to find sunglasses for infants perfect thank you

  766. Colleen B.

    We actually just needed a case for my son’s babiators, but this was such a good price compared to other baby sunglass cases I’d seen, so I figured an extra pair of sunglasses couldn’t hurt! And it’s actually been really nice to have the set with the elastic for when he really needs the sun protection.

  767. Sarah MD

    These sun glasses are fan tastic! They come with 2 straps, one for infant, one for toddler. My baby, 6 months old, rocks these glasses without wanting to rip them off his face! Great buy!!!

  768. Christa

    My father got these as a gift for my 11 mo old. We tried them on her and she immediately pulled them off! OOps. But when we took her outside in the bright sun and put them on her, she kept them on. Now, when we put them on her inside, she knows we are going outside and she loves it!!!!

  769. Christa

    My father got these as a gift for my 11 mo old. We tried them on her and she immediately pulled them off! OOps. But when we took her outside in the bright sun and put them on her, she kept them on. Now, when we put them on her inside, she knows we are going outside and she loves it!!!!

  770. Letitia Ambrose

    I love these sunglasses and so does my baby! Plus, the two straps are great! One for now, he is five months old, and when he out grows that one there is a longer one we can use.

  771. H. Sauceda

    I got these glasses for my daughter who just turned 2 and she loves wearing them! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she can put them on herself, and she really likes the fun case that they come with as well.

  772. Korey Smith

    I looked at other sunglasses, and decided on these. I liked that they ranged from infant-5 years so that I could get the most out of my money. I wasn’t sure how my son would feel about wearing them, but he actually doesn’t mind them one bit! He is usually a little fussy when I’m putting them on, but once they’re on he’s absolutely fine. I honestly have no complaints about these, and will buy another pair for my next child as well! Highly recommended.

  773. jamie

    they are perfict for my 8 month daughter she loves them and keeps them on great. just wish they had other choices as well

  774. Gavyn Potter

    I bought these sunglasses for my son who was 3 months old at the time. He loved wearing them from day one. They seem comfortable on him. He wears them all the time. They adjust easily. Matching case is a fantastic bonus for protecting the sunglasses for longevity. The look great both on and off him. Easy to clean. Stay on his head. Only problem I found was they slide a little on his face if not properly placed and he’s laying back.

  775. dfd311

    these glasses worked great for my 2 year old son. the strap held them on his head very well. definitely a bonus to have s case to keep them from getting scratched while not in use. overall we are very satisfied with this product. the seller shipped out our order very fast as well!!

  776. Frugal Shave

    Living in the high desert of NM we have a lot of sun. These do not seem to bother our 3mo little girl and look cute too.

  777. Katherine E. Thomas

    I love these.. They look awesome on my son and the case is really nice. I also love that they come with two straps. The only problem is my son would rather take them off and play with them haha, but that’s ok!

  778. Marla Romine

    We are very happy with the new sunglasses we purchased for our grandson… Many people at the birthday party wanted to know where we got them. I said at!!!! He actually wore these for a while without reaching up and ‘messing’ with them…

  779. JWallace

    Bought these for my grandchildren. They fit and they love them. They are dark and I like that there are 2 bands to change as they grow.

  780. Los Angeles

    my son loves it so much. i like the fact that it has a strap so it works for toddlers. just a suggestion, have you considered making the straps skinnier?

  781. Eric

    We really like these. My son didn’t like them at first but after wearing them a couple of times we love them. Protects great from the sun!

  782. Jennifer

    I recently purchased these sunglasses for my 6 month old. She was squinting a lot outside with all the snow on the ground. These will be a year round purchase. Once I put them on her and got them adjusted correctly she left them on! I was amazed that she didn’t pull them off! She looks very cute in them too!! Great buy for the price. They seem very durable!

  783. Paul E.

    Being our very first purchase of infant/toddler sunglasses, we are very happy with our purchase of Tuga sunglasses. The glasses are sturdy, look to be very durable, and they are adorable! The strap is easily adjustable and our infant did not mind putting them on her! The case is also really cute, kind of looks like a frog. Highly recommended!

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