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Baby Solo The Original Baby Sunglasses

Baby Solo The Original Baby Sunglasses

(138 customer reviews)


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baby solo baby sunglasses

Product Details


Packaged, designed, and tested in Miami, FL | BPA free protective polycarbonate frame and lenses.


Soft, comfortable, and adjustable strap | Your baby will love them just as you do!


Our sunglasses were designed by Eye Doctors to ensure they will protect eye health. We use 100% UV protection, anti-scratch lens coating, reducing the risk of long term eye damage and disease.

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions N/A

Cutie Pink and Hearts, Buncha Crunch, White Sail Away, Black Gingham, Dino Dance, Floral Gardens, Matte Black, Matte Black Blue Mirror, Matte Grey Silver Mirror, Matte Pink Rose Gold Mirror, Matte Pink, Matte Tortoise Shell, Pineapple Party, Polka Dotty, Matte Aqua Stripes, Matte Blue Camo, Strawberry Fields, Twinkle Twinkle


0 -36 months

138 reviews for Baby Solo The Original Baby Sunglasses

  1. AT

    Amazingly my 5 month old loves these. The only problem is they are too wide for her face. Her head is a little larger than 50th percentile. I think it will be better as she grows into them.

  2. Customer

    I like them but my daughter hates wearing them. She cant stand things around her face. But the make etc are good.

  3. Donna

    Not a big as I was expecting. Shipped 2 weeks quicker than eta!

  4. Helen

    I like the color. It doesn’t fit my 3 month old so I had to buy a little more Velcro and it fits her now!

  5. Susan

    Cute product, love the band that goes all the way around. Doesn’t quite go small enough for my 4 month old though.

  6. Amy

    We were hoping they would fit our 3 month old but they keep sliding off. I’m sure tbey will be great once she grows some.

  7. Beautiful

    Only had them for 1 day do far. But my daughter left them one. Seems like a good product so far.

  8. Big boy

    These would have been perfect had they fit my 5 month old. He is a big boy at 19lbs and they were still too big for his head.

  9. Brenda

    The strap could have a little more Velcro for smaller babies. When we tighten this up we ran out of Velcro to attach strap. Other than that they’re great.

  10. Ann Richardson

    Really liked the style and soft strap but strap is to large for a 4 month old. If the velcro was extended an inch it would fit just right.

  11. Mary

    they are super cute, a little big for my 4month old but he is still able to wear them when we are outside. I like them 🙂

  12. BabyCat

    My grandson is ready for some summer fun in his new swim glasses. Now Mom & Dad don’t have to worry about them falling off.

  13. Brandi

    My little guy seems to like these. He doesn’t try to take them off so they must be comfortable. They are adorable and seem to be made well.

  14. Customer

    A little tight even after lossening but worked well for what we needed them for. Quality product.

  15. Tiffany

    These are prettt good, just wish they could be tightened up a little more

  16. Terrence

    Great for those pesky Sun rays at the pool or in the car. Good material.

  17. Teresa Ricks

    nice size easily adjustable plastic itself is hard not flexible.Good quality.

  18. Stephanie

    Bit early to tell but one thing is for sure they are way to big for my child who is 1

  19. Stacy

    I wish these were a little bigger. They are too tight- my little one won’t wear them.

  20. Soledad

    Not 5 stars because it doesn’t fit for my 6 months old baby boy, it is better for a 12 months old. Very good quality and very beautiful

  21. Silvia

    Cute, not super easy to put on but stay put once on and seemed comfortable for the baby

  22. Shawn

    These are great! A little big for my baby this summer but we just put a couple stitches in the band to make it smaller. She was 3-6 months this summer.

  23. Sergio

    My 8 month old daughter tolerated these, my only complaint is that the Velcro section needs to Be bigger so you can make them tighter.

  24. Sarah

    Really like these glasses. Come in their own case. The babies don’t seem to mind them at all. A little too big, had to add an additional velcro dot for our 3 month olds.

  25. Ruth

    I gotta rate these sunglasses a 4 only because my Grandson won’t keep them on, so I’m not sure if that means they are uncomfortable or what? But I decided to keep them anyway!

  26. Rick

    They’re sooo cute just like too big for 3 month old. But love the strap to keep in place….few more months and should fit perfect.

  27. Rhonda

    My granddaughter is only 5 months and did not like the strap at all. I’m afraid she will not wear them. Maybe I can try when she is older. I thought they could be worn with or without strap. I thought they had sides also that could go behind the ear.

  28. Rebecca

    Quality looks great. Very flexible and like the band instead of the rigid arms. Cons: big for our 4 months baby. May be for a 8 months or a 1yr old baby will fit better. The band it’s not interchangeable and my wife didn’t like the color of the band.

  29. Nora

    These are a bit too large for my 3 1/2 month old. I imagine they’ll fit better in a couple months. They seem to be a good quality and I like the adjustment strap. It would be nice if they would adjust a little smaller though!

  30. Nikeya

    Super adorable. The strap is perfect and he does tend to keep them on. I do wish the Velcro strap was a bit longer to allow for more adjustments. My son is almost 9 months and they could stand to be just a tad tighter on his face, but they have plenty of room to grow!

  31. Neke

    Just got these and I am very happy with the product. Good quality and baby (four months) has no issues wearing them. My only complaint is that she has a smaller head and the velcro to affix the strap size with does not support that. I had to get another piece of velcro and put it on the strap so it would stay the needed tightness.

  32. Miguel Blanco

    I love how adjustable they are! They will definitely work for sometime for my little one! Although the sizing is a bit strange, the nose just seems a little off! Could just be us though! Nonetheless, awesome product.

  33. Michael

    These sun glasses work really well. At the time of this review, our baby is 3.5 months old, and they fit her well with plenty of room to grow. She fusses when they first go on, and then after that she enjoys them because she can look around without having to squit a lot. We do have to readjust them on her face more often than we’d like because we can’t tighten them any more (there’s not enough velcro to do so). We also loved that it came with a case, and that the logo was on the inside of the band. The competition has it on the outside of the band, and your baby’s head looks like a billboard.

  34. Melba

    These are very cute glasses that I purchased for my daughter. They were a little big on her. The strap is very soft. It was a little difficult to get the correct length on the strap: it was either too loose and fell down onto her neck or too tight making the glasses leave an imprint on her face. It would be nice if they could put something on the strap to make it not slide down in the back. They came in a very nice durable case.

  35. Lynn

    These are really cute and will work eventually but there is no way to make them small enough for a newborn without cutting the band and attaching Velcro. It could have easily been made to go smaller by the company but it will not stay on my granddaughters head at 2 1/2 months. By the time she’s 6 months old, I think they’ll probably fit but we needed something now. The description is a little misleading with the ages listed. I thought it would be adjustable to fit a newborn through 12 months or so but it’s not. It is a super cute item though and comes with a nice semi-hard case with a zipper to protect when not using. Just be aware that these are not really newborn sized. For reference, my little one was just over 7 lbs at birth and is around 11 or 12 lbs now. She’s an average sized infant.

  36. Lori

    The velcro peeled off on first use and I had to resew it back on which was annoying. BUT these are the first newborn sunglass I’ve bought that actually fit my baby.

  37. Lorena

    Design is cute. Baby mostly allows it to stay on his face. However, sunglasses do leave red marks below his eyes. Perhaps sunglasses could be redesigned with higher nose bridge to avoid this discomfort??

  38. Lusi

    They are very cute, but it is a little hard to tighten them enough so they stay on her face but not leave a mark.

  39. Lisa Esquivel

    I love the style and the dark lenses and the UV protection. I especially like the velcro strap to hold them in place. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that they are too big for her being a week old. It’s not a huge deal, she will grow into them, but I assumed that by buying a 0 to 36 months that they would fit the zero better than that. Maybe add a side shade until the babies grow old enough for the glasses to fit properly.

  40. Shopper

    So cute! Fits my 10.5 month old. I wanted to get something that she wouldn’t be able to get off very easily when we bring her in the boat. So we shall see if she leaves them on for a long period of time!

  41. Florida

    Loved the color. Fit perfect. Soft band my 5 month old loves them. Great for Florida weather

  42. Customer

    They are a bit too big for my granddaughter. The frames are flexible enough so ispf if she were to grab them they wouldn’t break. He band is so soft, I’m sure they would not bother her. Can’t wait until she can wear them.

  43. Shelia

    I ordered a pair of 3-6 month for my smaller 6 month old. They fit perfectly and are adorable. They seemed comfortable for him, he didn’t mind having them on. Could not be happier!

  44. King

    baby loves them, easy to get off and on and easy to adjust

  45. Surprised

    Adorable! Seems to be great quality; fits perfect. The case is very cute as well. love it and will get other styles!

  46. Customer Baby

    As advertised and arrived on time.

  47. Corrine

    Strap a bit snug for older baby

  48. Su

    Bought these for my soon to be born grand daughter, for the summer. This is a shower gift so we have not tried them out yet, however, the sunglasses feel well made and will fit a newborn head.

  49. Amy Trujillo

    These are more then I expected they are amazing

  50. Rita

    So cute! They even came with a little case for the sunglasses. 100% will buy again for my kids.

  51. Donna

    The sunglasses are great, except they were supposed to come with 2 bands. One for infants and one for toddlers. I only got infant band.

  52. Judith

    They are cute , but baby is due 4/9

  53. Shelia

    Perfect and so cute!!

  54. Julie

    Cute. Not for 0-36 months though. Velcro isn’t long enough to make it smaller to fit my babies head (2 months and currently about 15 inch circumference)

  55. Gina

    Love them. I’m glad we bought two. One stays in the car.

  56. Customer

    Sooo cute!!! They fit my 6 month old perfect!

  57. Rita Wise

    Way too big for my son but super cute. Would love to find a way to make them fit even though it claims to fit his age.

  58. Tammy

    These are so cute on my son! They do the trick seeing his pedi wanted him to have them cuz his eyes are so blue!!!

  59. Flower


  60. Susan Bouch

    Very cute. Too big for a 6 month old. Probably can’t wear them until 1 yr.

  61. Baby S

    These are so adorable, and they are easy to adjust the size as needed. My baby doesn’t seem to mind them, and seems happy that her eyes aren’t hurting.

  62. Laura Lee

    Bought these for our 4 month old granddaughter to keep the sun out of her eyes while she’s outside or riding in car seat with the sun shining through the window Plus she just looks adorable wearing them

  63. Krystle

    These are even cuter in person. Bought for my 3 month old. Love that they adjust. Seem really durable, and made well. Would definitely recommend buying. They came with a nice case also.

  64. Kristin

    Great for pool time with babies.

  65. kris

    Absolutely a good product! Made with quality!

  66. Kami

    My 3 month old loves his sunglasses!

  67. Julia Johnson

    Very cute, and stays on well.

  68. Jennifer

    I love these sunglasses! I have bought 4 so far. My granddaughter has special needs and the sun really bothers her eyes and these are perfect for her! They stay on and have super cute designs. I would only suggest they make these in bigger sizes for when she outgrows these!

  69. Jeeta N

    Very cute but my daughter doesn’t like wearing them

  70. Jeannette

    Great for my little girl.

  71. jason

    I bought these to get ready for the summer, and they’re absolutely adorable. The strap is a bit stretchy, which is great, because she’s going to pull it and play with them every chance she gets. They look great.

  72. Janna

    Super cute! And comfy. Now if i could just get my baby to like wearing sunglasses…

  73. James

    Ended up gifting these to a friend as I waited too long to use on my little. Her girl is five months old and will wear them. My one year old pulls them off!

  74. Jacob Loomis

    Perfect quality! Blocks the sun and fits our 18month face great! Only flaw is we purchased the turquoise floral design and you can’t really see the flowers. The design is not visible, looks like plain turquoise sunglasses.

  75. Irma

    Looks adorable on my grandson, and protects his eyes. He looks all around on his walks in his stroller now. They fit my grandson well, but they do leave small pressure marks.

  76. Icie

    It took a few tries but once my son let me get the sunglasses all the way on, he loved them!

  77. Hunter

    Super cute. Lots of room to adjust. Very soft.

  78. Heidi

    To cool for school lol. My daughter is 7 months old and these sunglasses are adorable! They are a little loose when tightened all the way, but that is how I prefer them to be. She will be able to wear these for a long time with the adjustable band. The band is comfortable and it’s all just to cute!

  79. Greg

    Grandson keeps these on his head. They are super cute and protect his eyes.

  80. Giselle

    These work perfectly! they are bendable, soft strap to hold them in place, no sharp corners for baby to poke themselves with and protect my newest grand daughters baby blues perfectly! Very cute styles at affordable price. Love them!

  81. Gina

    These were super cute on my 5 month old grand daughter. She didnt mind wearing them at all.The strap was adjustable and she couldn’t take them off. So no worries about losing them. Glad I found these!

  82. Erank

    Love the look of them and they fit my little man so well. He isn’t used to them yet but he will be by the time he really needs them. Thank you so much for getting them to me as fast as you did.

  83. Evalyne

    These were adorable and good quality but my daughter did not like something strapped to her head.

  84. Esther Hughes

    Super cute and good quality! Love that they are flexible! Now if you could only get my toddler to actually wear them…

  85. Esteven

    They’re too big for my Granddaughter right now, but she’s ready to go when she gets a little bigger. They’re very cute.

  86. Diedre

    Ordered for my 8 month old granddaughter. I Love them. Came with case and strap. Very well made!!!

  87. Denise Purnell

    So cute! Flexible glasses fit my 6 month old well.

  88. DeAnne

    My 3 month old did great in these. Love the soft band and adjustable fit of them, they should last us quite a while. Would be nice for the Velcro adjustment to have more range because we have them small as can be and the excess hangs off looking a little goofy since there is nothing for it to stick to. They do fit snug to his face, similar to goggles and how active shades fit, but they do not seem uncomfortable because he never cried because of them. Even in his car seat they stayed on well. I’ve already recommended them to a friend and will continue recommended them.

  89. Dariella

    Good thing it’s adjustable; my girl has a big head. It took a few tries to get my daughter to learn they were helping her to see and so to leave them on but she wore them for a few hours afterwards and fell asleep with them on.

  90. Cyndi Wells

    These sunglasses are so cute! The strap helps them stay on my baby’s head, without being too tight or uncomfortable. And the sunglasses even came with a case. Totally worth the price, so glad I bought these!

  91. Kathryn J.

    The shades worked great for my 1 year old son! The sunglasses stayed on his head and they were dark to block out the sun but not the fun! Perfect!

  92. Cristal

    Love these very durable. only thing i didn’t care for was how thick the band that goes around the head is but I guess it to help hold them in place. But love them adorable and durable.

  93. Customer

    The tabs do not go small enough for little babies. That’s the only thing I didn’t love about this. Besides that great quality!!

  94. Corbin

    My baby doesn’t like stuff on his head or face, but he will tolerate these sunglasses because of the soft strap. Great for stroller walks so the bright sun doesn’t creep in through the stroller shade and hurt his eyes.

  95. Connie

    Really nice, I love the construction the head band makes it very comfortable for baby. It arrived with a glass case which wasn’t mentioned in the description … nice surprise. I highly recommend this item.

  96. Clif Hodges

    All the newborn sunglasses were too big for my baby (6 months at the time of purchase) besides her more than average size head. These worked great. My only issue was that I had to be careful with the velcro because of her hair, but that’s nothing to take away star ratings.

  97. Cindy Frank

    Great baby glasses! Soft strap and baby doesn’t mind them one bit!

  98. Ann

    Love these sunglasses for my son who is sixth months! They fit perfectly and he looks so cute in them. He doesn’t mind wearing them and they seem to be very comfortable on his face. Would highly recommend baby solos to other babies !!!! The Dino print is adorable I will be buying other prints!

  99. Christian

    Absolutely love this product. I have bought multiple sunglasses for my grandson. These he loves them and leave them on with no problem. They fit perfect around his big brain with no issues. I love that they come with their own carrying case. Will definitely buy again.

  100. Carmen

    Perfect, very well made. Baby is 3 months and he doesn’t mind them at all.

  101. Bridgette

    So cute!!! Received the wrong glasses first and the company handled it so fast and well. American company. My daughter doesn’t even pull these off. They work great and she gets so many compliments…people aren’t used to seeing a baby in reflective glasses and it’s funny looking.

  102. Noel

    Cute and serves its purpose. Nice glasses, and they come with a case. We liked them so much that we bought a second pair.

  103. Brandy

    These are great for babies i brough these for my 3 month old a little big othere then that this is the best for camping and our beach trips

  104. Betty Matthew

    Great shades for baby! My little one has extra sensitive blue eyes, these make it possible for her to go outside and enjoy.

  105. Bianca

    This is our second pair for our little guy. The first pair lasted almost a year. Before he got ahold of them and in his mouth they went. Still wearable, but has a large scratch on the lens so it was time for a new pair. If course ge is growing, so we loved the adjustable strap feature. The strap also is just now wearing out on the sides, still usable but separating.

  106. Anylu

    Bought for our 6 month old for vacation, his head is in the 80% and it was way too small for him. Maybe if they came with multiple band sizes it would work. Otherwise great construction, durable glasses, seems like a comfortable wide band, case is durable as well. Just wish it would have fit!

  107. Alma

    These sunglasses are absolutely adorable and and do a great job of keeping the sun out of my daughters eyes during strolls around the neighborhood. They must be pretty comfortable too because she’s fallen asleep with them on a time or two!

  108. Alex

    Very pleased with these sunglasses. We bought them for our 6-month-old for our Florida vacation. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the glasses, and at the addition of a hard storage case. They are easy to get off and on and the adjustable strap should ensure that they fit well for at least another year, fingers crossed since our guy has a big head. I plan on getting another pair in another style too since they are so cute and they don’t seem to bother him at all!

  109. Diedree Dalton

    Wonderful customer service! I ordered a pair of sunglasses through Amazon for out trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately the lens was damaged upon delivery. I had issues with trying to return through Amazon so I contacted Baby Solo directly. They were sold out of the style I bought so they told me to just toss the broken glasses and pick out a new pair. With a new pair picked out they are expediting the shipping to insure we get the sunglasses before we head on our trip. Thank you Baby Solo!

  110. Cassandra

    Stays on

  111. Katie Peterson

    These sunglasses were great. They stayed securely on my daughter’s face. The plastic frame is soft enough that it doesn’t hurt her face. We were very happy with our purchase.

  112. TaylorJoArmstrong

    Fit great and stayed on well.

  113. Erika

    These sunglasses are so cute! I love the little strawberries on them. It is just what I wanted for my little girl who has two “strawberry” birthmarks. They have Velcro, but still a little big on my little girl, but she is also small for her age. They also come in a very cute carrying case. I love that it is a small family business! Can’t wait for her to fit better and be able to wear them.

  114. Kris W

    These are so stinkin cute!!! They fit my lovey perfectly! This is the first pair that actually fit her tiny little face. Her sensitive blue eyes thank you for a great product!!!

  115. Linda M

    Bought these as shower gift for my new niece, they are going to be so awesome! Look like they will be really comfortable on her, can’t wait to see her wearing them!

  116. Jo Homan

    These are adorable, soft and flexible, needed them for my 5mo grandsons first pool outing.

  117. Stephanie Chrisley

    We love these! The great price and adorable little case they come in made these a favorite!!

  118. Baby Solo Customer

    Fit very well on a 6 month old whose head circumference is in the 52nd percentile.

  119. Annie Leopold

    Cute design and they come in a great case.

  120. Hannah C

    Excellent! Frames are slightly pliable, head band is soft and wide. Used on a one month old without issue and plenty of room for growth.

  121. Susan L

    These are great quality and adorable! Very comfortably made and perfect for my granddaughter! Love these little sunglasses!

  122. Susan Jane Smith

    Was worried the size would be off or fit would be awkward for my 6mo as we head to the Outer Banks for vacation next week… the adjustable strap made putting on easy and after initial “what is this” reaction, my son seems to like his new shades!!
    I’ll update if anything changes once we are on the beach!

  123. Shantelle James

    So cute! Fits my 10.5 month old. I wanted to get something that she wouldn’t be able to get off very easily when we bring her in the boat. So we shall see if she leaves them on for a long period of time! 🤞🏼

  124. Johnathan S

    Love these sunglasses! Baby boy is 6 months old with sensitive blue eyes. These worked wonderfully and are comfortable. He never tried to take them off. Love that his eyes are protected and got lots of compliments on them 🙂

  125. Jonathan S

    Love these sunglasses! Baby boy is 6 months old with sensitive blue eyes. These worked wonderfully and are comfortable. He never tried to take them off. Love that his eyes are protected and got lots of compliments on them 🙂

  126. Tammy Block

    I just received the sunglasses for my granddaughter today. The frame color and design are adorable. Really well made. I put them on her and took her for a walk outside and she loved them. I know how important it is to protect her eyes from the harmful rays so I am really happy. Can’t wait to order the other frame colors.

  127. Baby Solo Customer

    Thanks perfect it

  128. Karen

    Extremely durable, great fit, & looks cool!!

  129. Portia A. Forman

    So cute and fit perfect.

  130. Barbara Grunow

    These are ideal for a baby exposed to the intense sunlight of Florida. We are grateful these are available to protect a very small child’s eyes.

  131. Natalie True

    Super super cute! Bought them to protect my precious baby girl’s big blue beautiful eyes, but I just wish she wouldn’t rip them off her face the second I put them on her! She’s still in the let’s put everything into my mouth phase. Item received promptly and on time and fits to be expected. For the brief moment I have them on my daughter they don’t seem constricting or too tight. And it comes with a case! Love that!

  132. Syliva Foster

    These are adorable and come in a sturdy carrying case! The elastic band will help to prevent my granddaughter from pulling the glasses off immediately. Very pleased with purchase!

  133. Melanie Litz

    I got these for my twins, they always squint when it’s super bright out, they are 6 months old. The sunglasses are a little bit too big yet but they work so no complaining

  134. Melanie Harris

    These are awesome.

  135. kwhite

    Real sunglasses. The velcro strap works. Great for sunny vacation for our toddler.

  136. t schmitt

    Purchased these for my 6 month old. Work and fit better than I was expecting. Protect his eyes great.

  137. Grace Gallagher Penhallegon

    My daughter is on the smaller side and these sunglasses just barely fit. But they work and she will be able to grow into them.

  138. Suzi


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