Our story

To my fellow Moms,

Greetings and a warm welcome from Baby Solo.

My name is Dr. Sara Thompson, I am a founder of Baby Solo, and I am thrilled you found us.  You know, the story of Baby Solo is a story about me.

But more importantly, it is a story about you.

Let me explain…

Natural sunlight is healthy for our eyes, but over exposure is absorbed in our ocular tissues and accumulates over time causing permanent damage and eye disease.

As Eye Doctors of Optometry, my husband and I know this and saw these eye diseases every day in our practice, but it was not until we became parents ourselves that we looked at baby sunglasses more closely.

We saw an opportunity to prevent these changes when it really matters and that is at birth.

Your child’s eyes are more sensitive to UV light damage because the lens of the eye is more transparent than an adult.

In order to keep your child’s eyes healthy in the short term and long term it is important to start protecting them as early as possible.

The American Optometric Association did a survey, which found that only 21% of parents purchased a pair of sunglasses for their child before their first birthday.

We created Baby Solo to increase this percentage by providing sunglasses that are protective, comfortable, affordable, non-toxic and adorable for all infants and toddlers.
We also want to provide accurate and helpful information to you as a member of the baby solo community.

Since we started Baby Solo in 2016, a number of parents have reached out to us with their own stories about how Baby Solo has impacted their own children in a positive way. These are babies with diagnoses such as Albinism and Epilepsy.

Using Baby Solos helped their babies thrive in situations where light was truly an immediate threat to their health and safety.

These stories have truly touched our hearts and made us very proud to have created this brand. It is important for us as parents to not only guard the health and safety of our own children, but to try and make a difference for all families. We are indeed, in this together.

With Love,