The 2.0 Original Baby Sunglasses

The 2.0 Original Baby Sunglasses

(1 customer review)

The 2.0 Original Baby Sunglasses

(1 customer review)



Extremely Adjustable Strap, Offered in Two Sizes


baby solo baby sunglasses

Product Details


Packaged, designed and tested in Miami, FL | BPA free protective polycarbonate frame and lenses.


Soft, comfortable, and adjustable strap | Your baby will love them just as you do!


Our sunglasses were designed by Eye Doctors to ensure they will protect eye health. We use 100% UV protection, anti-scratch lens coating, reducing risk of long term eye damage and disease.

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Our Mission at Baby Solo

mother-and-baby-solo product description

We’re a small family business built by community for parents.

Focusing on the latest preventive care and products for your baby and toddler.

Baby solo is a place you can trust to only give you the most genuine products and information for your baby. Like many we can feel alone and have questions on how to raise our child and what’s best for them. Baby Solo focus on things can do things now to benefit our child in the future. We take the stress out of finding this information for you and put it all in one spot. Our community of parents are people you can trust, and to give you the best advice on preventive measures for you child.

Take action now! Join us to make a better tomorrow for your baby, and start by sharing one of our products or articles to someone you love. Each and every one of our articles and products come from the mind of a trained professional in their field. Only a daily bases we listen to you and response to your feedback, because without you we wouldn’t be here. Weather you want further information on a topic or future product design, let us know!

Our small family business appreciates your support!

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions N/A

Small to Normal Head Size, Large to Normal Head Size


Cutie Pink Heart Frame W/ Solid Black Lens, Hot Pink Baby Heart W/ Solid Black Lens, Matte Aqua Frame W/ Aqua Mirror Lens, Matte Black Frame W/ Blue Mirror Lens, Matte Black Frame W/ Solid Black Lens, Matte Midnight Blue Frame W/ Solid Black Lens, Matte Pink Frame W/ Rose Gold Mirror Lens, Matte White Frame W/ Solid Black Lens

1 review for The 2.0 Original Baby Sunglasses

  1. SomuchLove

    Fits perfectly!

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