Are sunglasses good for infants?

Are sunglasses good for infants?

Are sunglasses good for infants? Are Baby Sunglasses like Baby Solo’s or Babiators worth it?

Babies and young children under the age of ten have compassionate eyes. Because their eyes are still developing, a baby’s crystalline lens cannot filter out the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation as well as adult eyes.

It implies that more visible blue and dangerous ultraviolet rays can enter their eyes, making newborns more vulnerable to damaged retinas and other vision disorders.

Unfortunately, solar damage induced by UV rays cannot be reversed. Even little exposure to the sun can cause damage, leading to a range of eye disorders as you age, such as macular degeneration, color dulling, cataracts, or even a rare form of eye cancer. Sun exposure may cause skin cancer too.

Furthermore, a baby’s eyes are compassionate. Even if a baby closes its eyes to shield itself from the light, its delicate eyelids might become sunburned. Because the skin is so thin, some sunlight can still reach the retina. Babies require sunglasses to protect their eyes and the skin surrounding their eyes.

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