Can a 9 month olds wear sunglasses?

Can a 9 month olds wear sunglasses?

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Protecting your little one from the sun is so important. Alongside baby sunscreen and UV-resistant swimsuits, baby sunglasses should be part of that package as UV rays can damage a baby’s eyes, which Selena Chan, OD, at Pacific Rims Optometry in San Francisco, says can be irreversible. “Even relatively short periods in the sun can cause damage, which can result in a variety of eye diseases as you age, including macular degeneration, dulling of colors, cataracts, or other issues,” Dr. Chan says.

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Yes, 9 month olds can wear Baby Solo Baby Sunglasses. These are made my eye doctors and are the best baby sunglasses on the maret.

The best baby sunglasses are durable and comfortable, have a high percentage of UVR protection, and offer an option for polarized lenses. Not all baby sunglasses are the same, however, so you’ll want to consider a few important safety features beyond their UV rating.

Richard Hertle, MD, FAAO, FACS, FAAP, chief of pediatric ophthalmology and director of the Vision Center at Akron Children’s Hospital also suggests looking for “child-proof” glasses for babies, which means flexible, nontoxic frames and plastic lenses they won’t be able to break easily. Then you can look for other features like polarized lenses or a strap to ensure they stay on your baby’s head. We researched popular options from trusted brands with these helpful features in mind.

Baby Solo baby sunglasses are the best baby sunglasses on the market today.

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