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TOP 3 activities for BABIES VISION 2-4 months

2 MONTHS Activity: ∙Stimulating both sides of the body by moving a child’s arms or legs simultaneously, as parents tend to do naturally, is helpful in fostering appropriate bilateral and binocular development. 4 MONTHS Activity: ∙Use a nightlight in your baby’s room. Change the crib’s position frequently and your child’s position in it. ∙Keep reach-and-touch…
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Common questions on babies developmental vision milestones

At Two months? Learning to look For the first six to eight weeks of life, it is normal for a child’s eyes to not always track together. This should not be a concern unless the child’s eyes are never aligned or their alignment does not gradually improve. Tears are normal for many children because the…
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Preventive Care starts before birth

Prenatal care: A bright start When you are expecting, proper prenatal care and nutrition are very important to the development of healthy eyes and the related nervous system. Researchers are continually discovering more about the link between nutrition and eyesight. At birth: Opening to a new world It might take a moment or two for…
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