Preventive Care starts before birth

Preventive Care starts before birth

baby vision education

Prenatal care: A bright start

When you are expecting, proper prenatal care and nutrition are very important to the development of healthy eyes and the related nervous system. Researchers are continually discovering more about the link between nutrition and eyesight.

At birth: Opening to a new world

It might take a moment or two for your baby’s eyes to open. His eyes should be examined for signs of congenital eye problems. These are rare, but early diagnosis and treatment are important to your child’s development. Health professionals typically administer an antibiotic ointment, such as erythromycin, to prevent infection. Within a short period of time, he will begin to focus on objects less than a foot away, such as mom’s face when nursing.

The latest research shows that complex shapes and high contrast targets best stimulate the interest of infants. When setting up baby’s room, include décor that is bright, contrasting and varied. Babies’ eyes are drawn to new objects, so be prepared to change the location of items. Also have a nightlight, to provide visual stimulation when the baby is awake in bed. While children should be put down to sleep on their backs to reduce the chance of SIDS, they should have supervised time on their stomach. This provides important visual and motor experiences.

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