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Do babies need sunglasses?

Do babies need sunglasses?

The answer is yes.

Sun exposure can damage your child’s eyes, so here’s how to protect your little one’s future vision

By T. Breathna

UV rays can damage the eyes of babies and children, ophthalmologists advise – so yes, your baby needs sunglasses in bright sun.

Vik Sharma, of the London Ophthalmology Centre, told MadeForMums: “All children should have their eyes protected from sunlight to prevent not only sunburn to the eyelids but also damage to the internal delicate tissues of the eye itself.

“A young baby’s eyes are still developing and it is even more important to shield the eyes from the harmful sun rays and UV light.

Sunglasses will not only protect the eyelids but also protect the iris, lens and most importantly the sensitive retina. Although sun creams can help, creams or lotions can irritate the eye itself and cause more discomfort to the child.

It’s recommend that all children under the age of 10 should wear sunglasses in strong sunshine. But they should be good sunglasses.

Don’t be tempted to pick up a cheap pair: your child needs to wear sunglasses with lenses that block out 99 per cent or more of the sun’s UV rays.

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