All about baby’s vision.

All about baby’s vision.

Infant Vision: Birth to 24 Months of Age

Firstly, as we spoke about in our blog post Do babies need sunglasses?

Healthy eyes and good vision play a critical role in how infants and children learn to see.

Babies learn to see over a period of time, much like they learn to walk and talk. They are not born with all the visual abilities they need in life. The ability to focus their eyes, move them accurately, and use them together as a team must be learned. Also, they need to learn how to use the visual information the eyes send to their brain in order to understand the world around them and interact with it appropriately.

Secondly, From birth, babies begin exploring the wonders of the world with their eyes. Even before they learn to reach and grab with their hands or crawl and sit-up, their eyes are providing information and stimulation important for their development.

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Fourthly, Eye and vision problems in infants can cause developmental delays. It is important to detect any problems early to ensure babies have the opportunity to develop the visual abilities they need to grow and learn. Parents play an important role in helping to assure their child’s eyes and vision can develop properly.

Lastly, our goal at Baby Solo is to supply you with the most up-to-date knowledge and products for your baby. It’s very important to consider the points above as this can benefit you and your family to have a healthy vision for the rest of your life!

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